Universal material testing machine PCE-UTU 50

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Model PCE-UTU 50
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I. Specification PCE-UTU 50 universal material testing machine

PCE-UTU 50 Universal Testing Machine / Power Tester for Tensile Testing / Create Tension Diagrams / Various Designs / Driven DC Motor / Interrupt Identification / Variable Test Speed / Adjustment of force / Possibility of omplex configuration.

Universal material testing machine PCE-UTU 50
  • The PCE-UTU 50 Universal Material Tester is the professional tester for performing tensile, compression and bending tests.
  • Using these test methods, the PCE-UTU 50 all-in-one material tester can determine important material properties, for example elongation, yield strength or tensile strength of samples.
  • With the PCE-UTU 50 universal material test bench, tensile tests with a maximum force of 50 kN are possible. These tensile tests are a standardized destructive process used in material testing.
  • Normalized samples with a defined cross-sectional area are stretched and broken by force. The elongation of the test piece is equal to the impact-free material test stand and to a uniform force. Among other things, the material test stand provides the ability to determine the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation at break of tensile test specimens. Once measured, the material test stand provides detailed results, which are displayed in the software, e.g. tension diagrams.
    • Measuring range: 1 ... 50 kN
    • Accuracy class: 0.5
    • Extensive configuration options
    • Controlled DC motor
    • Variable test speed
    • Powder coated shell parts
    • Break detection
    • Maximum value memory.
***See more of Gmga's multi-function testing equipment at: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/testing-equipment/versatile-test-equipment/

II. Specifications of Universal material testing machine PCE-UTU 50

Rated load

50 kN
Accuracy class

0.5 / EN 7500-1


controlled DC motor
Test speed

0.001 ... 500 mm/min, Resolution: 1 µm

Distance measurement

Standard stroke

1000 mm (Without tensioning and tensioning adapters)


450 mm

230 V AC, 50 Hz


2 ground guide columns

2 ball circulating spindles

Column cover with bellows seal

Limit switch for travel limit

Powder coated housing parts

Colour: RAL 7035

Safety devices

Enclosure from Makrolon

Safety switching contact


HxWxD 1330 x 650 x 530 mm

ca. 140 kg

Force transducer for UPM

Installed underneath the mobile traverse for compressive and tensile forces.

Measuring range

1 ... 50 kN

Nominal value

2 mV/V
Relative characteristic deviation

≤ ±0.1 %

Relative linearity deviation

≤ ±0.02 %
Relative creep error

≤ ±0.03 % after 30 min

≤ ±0.07 % after 8 h

Accuracy class

to EN ISO 7500-1, Class 0.5


Protection class

IP 67

TEDS module

integrated, to IEEE 1451-4

automatic sensor detection

Control and evaluation electronics

Measured value acquisition

1 kHz




Force regulation

Distance regulation

Manual positioning

Processing of a programmed sequence

Specification of the crosshead speed

Return to the starting position


Presetting limits for force / distance / time

Resetting the force / distance indicator to 0

Adjustable control factor

Breaking recognition

Maximum value memory

For 2 force transducer: choice of the work area

Intelligent measuring and control electronics


32 bit RISC architecture
Control circuit

> 1 kHz

TEDS module

Automatic sensor detection

Standard IEEE 1451-4


USB 2.0
A/D converter

2 x 24 bit A/D converter for strain gauge transducers

Sampling rate: > 50 kHz

2 x 10 bit A/D converter for processing additional signals

Sampling rate: > 50 kHz

1 x Incremental signal input for distance / angle measurement



- Toolbox for free programming of test sequences

- Toolbox for free programming of calculations

- Freely configurable real-time graph with three axis overlay, free scaling and manual evaluation function

- Freely configurable report format with integration of image files

- Order and lot-bound storage or export of test sequences, calculation results and raw material data

- Integrated user management

- Can be automated

- Networkable

- Multilingual

- Machine-bound license, multi workplace

Basic configuration for material testing

1 x Test template for tensile tests

1 x Test template for compressive, flexural or alternating load tests

1 x Test template for testing compression or tension springs

  ***Video of universal tensile testing equipment available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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