Absolute barometric pressure gauge PCE-PDA A100L

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Model PCE-PDA A100L
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I. Specification of absolute barometric pressure gauge PCE-PDA A100L

Pressure gauge PCE-PDA A100L / Instrument for measuring absolute pressure up to 200 kPa / Data logger / Graphic LCD / With USB interface / MAX MIN HOLD function.

Absolute barometric pressure gauge PCE-PDA A100L
  • The PCE-PDA A100L pressure gauge is suitable for measuring barometric pressure.
  • This PCE-PDA A100L absolute barometric pressure gauge records pressures from 0 to 200 kPa absolute.
  • The PCE-PDA A100L pressure gauge can be used for a variety of portable industrial and manual applications.
  • This professional pressure gauge can be battery operated or rechargeable. In battery mode, a USB interface that allows charging is inserted.
  • The PCE-PDA A100L pressure gauge is equipped with a large LC display. The display illuminator makes it easier for the user to read the measured values ​​even in poor conditions. The pressure is measured by the sensor installed inside.
  • A plug knob is available from the pressure connection. Here, the pressure of the air and liquid can be transmitted through quick couplings to the sensor. The pressure gauge has an accuracy mode that allows to increase the resolution of the measured value by 10 times.
  • In addition to the continuous pressure measurement, the display shows the maximum and minimum measured values ​​directly in the display. With the push of a button, this storage can be reset.
  • Furthermore, the PCE-PDA A100L Absolute Barometric Pressure Gauge also performs temperature measurement.
  • To store measured values ​​for other documentation purposes, this pressure gauge has an internal data logger. Here the user can specify the storage interval and the recording time during which the pressure measurement values ​​are stored..

II. Advantages

  • Graphic LCD
  • USB interface
  • Data Logger
  • Measure absolute pressure
  • Different units
  • Function MAX MIN
  • Built-in temperature measurement.

Manometer PCE-PDA A100L Absolute barometric pressure gauge PCE-PDA A100L Absolute barometric pressure gauge PCE-PDA A100L

***See more GMGA pressure gauges at: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/measuring-device/pressure-gauge/

III. Specifications of PCE-PDA A100L manometer / Absolute barometric pressure gauge

Measuring range pressure

0 ... 200 kPa absolute

0.01 kPa, 0.1 kPa


<± 0.5% of the measuring range
Nominal pressure

200 kPa


200 kPa
Burst pressure

300 kPa




Non-aggressive gasses

Measuring rate

10 Hz

Measurement units

Pa, hPa, kPa, MPa, mbar, bar, ATM, kg / cm², mmH2O, cmH2O, inH2O, mmHg, inHg, Torr, PSI, PSF

Absolute pressure

Pressure connections

5 mm nipple for quick connectors
Max, Min and Hold function


Data logger

1024 memory slots

1 s ... 255 h Recording time per memory location

1 s ... 24h recording interval


For air and non-explosive gasses

Zero correction

Yes, with a zero key

Yes, between 0.1 ... 9.9 s


Graphic LCD with backlight


Power supply

2 x 1.5V AA battery / 1.2V NiMh battery

5V / 500-mA USB power adapter

Current consumption

50-mA (with backlight)

10-mA (without backlight)

Operating temperature

0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F
Storage temperature

10 ... 55°C / 50 ... 131°F


145 x 85 x 35 mm / 5.7 x 3.3 x 1.4 in 

About 285 g / < 1 lb

  ***Videos of absolute pressure gauges are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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