Automatic bioreactor self-contained Esco CelCradle X ® with Sealed Single Use Harvester


Power supply
Automatic bioreactor cGMP / GMP 13485 self-contained Esco CelCradle X ® with Closed Single Use Harvester.

I. Specification of the Esco CelCradle X ® self-contained and automatic cell culture machine

  • The Esco CelCradle X ® is manufactured in an Esco ISO 13485 factory and complies with the cGMP requirements of 21 CFR part 11.
  • Whether you are planning to simplify your cell therapy production, applying CCX in the early stages of your culture can help streamline your bioprocessing and reduce Challenges faced when scaling up production.

Tidal movements in the Esco CelCradle X ®:

  • Cyclic up and down motion, or Tidal Motion in an automatic and self-contained bioreactor Esco CelCradle X ® provides alternate exposure of nutrition and ventilation to encapsulated cells by bed. Packing beds vary from macroporous carriers BioNOC™ II, BioMESH ® or the user's own.
[video width="600" height="400" mp4="áy-nuôi-cấy-tế-bào-khép-kín-và-tự-dộng-Esco-CelCradle-X-®-với-Máy-thu-hoạch-sử-dụng-một-lần-kín_01.mp4" autoplay="true"][/video]

CCX isolator integration: designed as a docking/removable bioreactor module into the cell process isolator.

Automatic bioreactor self-contained Esco CelCradle X ® with Sealed Single Use Harvester

Standalone CCX on a stand:

Automatic bioreactor self-contained Esco CelCradle X ® with Sealed Single Use Harvester

Advantages of Esco CelCradle X ®:

  • Complete stand-alone bioreactor running on Siemens HMI/PLC with single-use bottle, pH and DO sensors
  • Can be used as a standalone bioprocessor or integrated with the Esco Laminar Blower, Biosafety Cabinet or Cell Process Isolator
  • Equipped with H202 . biological decontamination system
  • Manufactured in a factory that meets ISO 9001/14001/13485 standards
  • Automatic seeding and control of pH/DO and glucose (optional).
  • Single-use automated harvesting system for autologous cell therapy, process development and seed training for TideXcell®
  • Sterilizable pH/DO sensor can be used for process development and on-site conversion for single use pH/DO
  • Processing Modes: Batch, Fed-Batch and Perfusion.
Esco CelCradle X ® with Sealed Single Use Harvester

CelCradle X ® External View:

Automatic bioreactor self-contained Esco CelCradle X ® with Sealed Single Use Harvester 

CelCradle X ® Insider View:

Esco CelCradle X ® with Sealed Single Use Harvester

II. Two modes are available for the CCX Esco CelCradle X ® automatic bioreactor


  • Is a semi-automatic bioreactor model using a single-use CCX bottle and a single-use glass mixer or mixer. Mixer composition varies according to the process mode required during the culture. For processes requiring perfusion regimens, 0.5L single-use flasks will be used to match dip feeding and harvesting rates. The sensor can be autoclaved or inline depending on user requirements.
  • CCX-SA-SUGH chooses to do the batch process, 2 L glass flask will be used. Basic parameters such as maintaining glucose concentration as well as pH will be controlled during the culture.


  • Is a semi-automatic bioreactor that uses only single-use components from its main vessel (where the packing bed is located) for mixing (to homogenize the culture medium). The pH/DO sensor is also single-use only thus providing a complete single-use solution for the adhesive culture process. For infusion procedures required during the run, a 0.5 L single-use flask equipped with flow sensors must be used. The primary flask is packaged with 0.1 L of BioNOC™ II or BioMESH® for cell adhesion in 3D.
  • The batch process consists of a single-use master bin packed with 0.1 L of BioNOC™ II or BioMESH® with a single-use 2 L mixer. This model is equipped with separate single-use bags for the maintenance of glucose and stock solutions.

III. Applications of the self-contained bioreactor Esco CelCradle X ®

Esco CelCradle X ® - Commercial cGMP / GMP solution:

  • Vaccine production
  • Monoclonal antibodies or recombinant proteins for in vitro/in vivo treatment/diagnosis
  • Research and make medicine
  • Conditional media production for cosmetics
  • Generation of hybrid primary cell banks (MCBs) or active cell banks (WCBs)
  • Development of a secret, intracellular viral or viral vector
  • Proteome Research
  • Check PK/PD
  • Viral MVB production

Adhesive cell seed training for TideXcell®:

  • Stem cell therapy or autologous exosomes (bone regeneration using bioscaffolds)
  • Autologous cell therapy (eg, hair loss, facial restoration, etc.)
  • Technology transfer from multi-chamber or cell bioreactors for small-scale production of vaccines/viruses/virus vectors
  • Antibodies or monoclonal proteins
  • Biochemistry / Stemistry.
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IV. Automatic bioreactor self-contained Esco CelCradle X®-SAH

  • The CelCradle X® Semi-Automatic Harvesting System (CCX-SAH) is used to harvest whole cells from CelCradle bottles through automation by setting various parameters.
  • This semi-automated cell harvesting of adherent CelCradle cultures includes, but is not limited to: Insect Cells, Mammal Cells, Stem Cells.
  • Mounted fixed-speed peristaltic pumps provide for convenient liquid addition/removal and cell suspension harvesting during culture harvesting..

Advantages of Esco CelCradle X®-SAH:

  • Mechanical dissociation of adherent cells from the macroporous carrier of Tide Motion
  • The automatic harvesting process can be set up from washing to harvesting (secretory or non-secretory products) in a closed and automatic manner.
  • Suitable for harvesting cells from the CelCradle X® System
  • Cell seed source support for TideXcell®-002 up to TideXcell®-100 system.
  • Harvest live animal cells within 1 to 3 hours (harvest time depends on harvest cycle).
  • Can achieve more than 90% harvest efficiency
  • Note: The efficiency of cell harvesting depends on the cell line and the dissociating enzyme used

Applications of the Esco CelCradle X®-SAH:

  • Autologous cell therapy
  • Harvesting mammalian cells
  • Harvesting biomass for seed cells/seed vessels
  • Harvesting biomass for 3D bioprinting
  • Harvesting biomass for cell farming / lab-grown meat
  • Automated harvesting for secretory or non-secretory products.
  • Intracellular virus harvesting.

Parts of CCX®-SAH:

Automatic bioreactor self-contained Esco CelCradle X ® with Sealed Single Use Harvester

CelCradle X® (CCX-SAH) specifications:

CelCradle X® Semi-Automated Harvesting System (CCX-SAH)

Exterior dimension (WxDxH)

SAH: 928 x 380 x 822 mm (36.53 x 14.96 x 32.36 in) Incubator: 543 x 640 x 759 mm (21.38 x 25.20 x 29.88 in)


SAH: 50 kg (110.23 lb) Incubator: 85 kg (187.39 lb) Whole Unit: 135 kg (297.62 lb)

Single phase, AC, 220 V, 50 Hz


Shaker motor
Max Speed range

0-300 rpm


ID 9.6 mm(3/8”)*WT 3.2 mm(1/8”)

1 CelCradle bottle

Consumable CelCradle Bottle Volume

500 ml
CelCradle Material Incubator temperature range


Incubator temperature range

Touchscreen Size

Control panel: 7” color Incubator HMI: 7” color

V. Video

***Detailed product specification sheet: CelCradle X® Closed Automated Single-Use Bioreactor.

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