BAS002 audio amplifier

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Model BAS002
Manufacturer Larson Davis
Power supply
Condition Còn hàng
Warranty 12 tháng

I. Specification of BAS002 audio amplifier

Amplifiers for BAS001 and BAS003:

  • Measurements of reverberation time, sound insulation, and absorption coefficient are generally important measurements when verifying that a space or material complies with design goals. When performing these measurements in the field or laboratory, it is important to have equipment that is reliable, portable, and easy to install and use. When combined with the BAS001 Omni-directional Loudspeaker or the BAS003 Directional Loudspeaker, the BAS002 audio amplifier is the ideal sound source for performing acoustic measurements in rooms and buildings.
  • BAS002 provides:
    • Output power 500 W
    • Bandwidth 5 Hz to 60 kHz
    • THD + N < 0.12%
    • Remote control
  • For a complete measurement system, use the Larson Davis Model 831 Sound Level Meter configured with the 831-RT reverberation timing software for easy field measurements. Add DNA Software and enable the calculation of many ISO and ASTM compliant construction acoustics with results that can be quickly aggregated into a fully customizable report.
    • Fully compliant with Standards: ROHS, CE, ISO 140, ISO 3382, ASTM E90, ASTM E336, ASTM C426, ASTM E2235
    • Compact, lightweight design
    • Arbitrary waveform using USB memory
    • Pre-programmed pink and white noise
    • Use the 831 noise generator for fully automatic reverberation time measurement

II. Applications

  • Time resounds
  • Acoustic construction
  • The absorbance
  • Sound room.
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III. Specifications of BAS002 audio amplifier

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