Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™


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Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™ culture cradle for your adherent cells.

I. Specification Esco VXL™ (HBR) cell culture machine

  • The ready-to-use bottles, which are part of single-use manufacturing, eliminate validation costs compared to a multiple-use system when starting your next cell culture. Esco CelCradle™ bioreactor components are pre-sterilized, prepackaged to speed up your research whether for vaccine, stem cell or virus production applications.

Tides in motion in the CelCradle™ culturer:

  • The Esco CelCradle™ "Tide Movement" Principle contains the encapsulated buffer (BioNOC™ II) and the media container in the same bottle. When the bellows is pushed up, the cells attached to the carrier are submerged into the culture medium, in contrast to the cells taking up nutrients. When the bellows is released, the cells are exposed to air in an aerated medium.
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Advantages of the Esco CelCradle™ bioreactor:

  • SS 316 L Carcass for easy cleaning
  • Compact and easy-to-install tabletop design, with small legs
  • Pre-sterilized bottles, disposable, disposable
  • Conductive medium: Cells are grown in an ultra-low shear stress, foam-free, and O2-limited medium.
  • Esco CelCradle™ is compatible with most serum-free media
  • Surface of Macroporous service providers. To grow most cells dependent on the anchor and to allow easy harvesting of whole cells, cell components or secreted proteins
  • Provides large surface area up to 15,000 cm2 per bottle for adhesion cell growth
  • The ability to produce hundreds of milligrams to several grams of secretory protein or monoclonal antibodies per month in four bottles
  • Few parameters for easy optimization
  • Culture in batch, batch, or cyclic modes
  • Scaling through the TideXcell pilot scale bioreactor or through direct multiplication of the number of bottles used.

esco-celcradle Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™ esco-celcradle

Applications of the Esco CelCradle™ shaker:

  • Mammal and insect cell culture
  • Producing monoclonal antibodies
  • Gene and Cell Therapy (autologous)
  • Produce Viral . Vectors
  • Pharmacokinetic studies
  • Vaccine production
  • Research and make medicine
  • Producing proteins
  • Proteome Research.
Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™

II. Model of the Esco CelCradle™ bioreactor system

Complete CelCradle system:

  • Simple to operate and virtually moves on the same CelCradle unit stage but uses CelCradle™ 500 and 500A bottles.
Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™

CelCradle continuity system complete:

  • Same CelCradle unit stage but using CelCradle™ 500P and 500AP for continuous process.
Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™

III. Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™ - Cyclic process mode

  • The Esco CelCradle™ single-use bioreactor is equipped with a CelFeeder™ for automatic recirculation during culture. The CelFeeder system is designed to simplify the replacement of culture media through continuous harvesting and feeding. Daily feeding volume and feeding frequency can be controlled in this process.
  • Using the Esco CelCradle™ 500AP bottle, tubes from the media container will be connected to its feeding and harvesting port. The medium bottle shall contain fresh culture medium in a volume of 1 L or 2 L and its cap shall be replaced with a connector. This connector has replaceable hoses and pump head for recirculation setting.

Three easy steps to monitoring:

  • CelFeeder Setup: Parameters like cycle/day and volume can be set using this unit.
Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™
  • Prepare bottles with connection system: Change bottle caps using the adapter provided in the complete CelCradle continuity system.
Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™
  • Connection to CelCradle Bottle: The CelCradle™ 500AP bottle is equipped with a feed and harvest port for connection to medium tanks.
esco-celcradle ***You may be interested in GMGA's ART workstation - Esco Vietnam:

IV. Specifications benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™

CelCradle™ Stage Technical Specifications


264 W x 359 L X 170 H mm (10.4 x 14 x 6.7 inches)

7.0 kg(15.4 lb)


100~230 VOLTS AC, 50/60 Hz (Input); 12 VOLTS DC (Output_)
Up-Down Rate

0.25 to 2.0 mm/sec.

Step of 1.0 sec or 1.0 min.

Delay Time

0 to 99 min 59 sec

Step of 1.0 sec or 1.0 min.

Driver Motor

DC stepping-motor


20 ~ 42 °C, 0 ~ 90% relative humidity (in a CO2 incubator)
Mechanical Protection

Hi-low Optical Sensor


Gear set (ration 1:1.2) and belt
Recommended CO2 incubator dimension

CelCradle Complete: CCL-170L model: 505 x 535 x 633 mm(19.9" x 21.1" x 24.9") and CelCradle Continuous SYstem Complete: CCL-240L model: 595 x 640 x 633 mm (23.4" x 25.2" x 24.9")

CelCradle™ Controller Technical Specifications


137 L x 226 W x 40 D mm (5.4 x 8.9 x 1.6 inches)

1.16 kg(2.6 lb)


100-230 VOLTS AC 50/60 Hz (input): 12 VOLTS DC (Output_)

Room temperature (outside CO2 incubator)


Magnetic back plate, to hold the controller to the side of the incubator

CelFeeder™ Controller Technical Specifications


230 W x 131 D x 61 H mm, (5.2 x 9.1 x 2.4 inches)

0.645 kg (1.42 lb)


85~240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz (input); ~180 mA

Ambient to 45°C, ~95% Relative Humidity

Benchtop bioreactor Esco CelCradle™

V. Video

***Detailed product specification sheet: CelCradle™ Benchtop Bioreactor.

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