ConeMount BH-02 bearing heater


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I. Specification of ConeMount BH-02 bearing dryer

  • Correct installation is essential to increase bearing life. Preheating the bearing prior to installation will enlarge the internal washer cover to allow the bearing to be easily mounted on the shaft.
  • ConeMount BH-02 Series tapered roller bearing heater can help increase bearing life; to reduce equipment downtime; and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Flexible: Each unit is designed to heat a wide range of bearings.
  • Hand-held: Most units weigh 3.2kg or less they can easily be moved close to the equipment being serviced.
  • No magnetization: No current is applied to the Bearing. The resistance elements heat the unit, which in turn heats up the bearing, preventing magnetization.
  • Affordable: ConeMount units are priced economically or for maintenance and repair operations.
  • Ease of use: Just follow the brief instructions. No complicated user manual or training required.
  • Reliable: ConeMount unit's simple design promotes long product life.
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II. ConeMount BH-02 bearing heater models

Automatic bearing heater:

  • On automatic bearing heater models; bearing temperature is monitored with the thermostat pre-set at 250°/121°; located in the inner ring of the bearing. When the inner ring reaches 250°/121°; device and control lights will go out - the bearings are ready for mounting.
  • Super Model - BH-02-S

Fireplace carries standard:

  • Bearing temperature is monitored with a temperature indicator crayon 250°/121°; used to mark the type inside the bearing. Once this mark has melted, the bearing is ready for mounting.
Light Duty ConeMount bearing heater, 3/8 ″ - 5 3/4 ″ (10 - 145 MM), 10 ″ HX 10 ″ W, 725 Watts
  • Model B - BH-02-B
Light to heavy Duty, 3/4 ″ - 5 3/4 ″ (20 - 145 MM), 10 ″ HX 10 ″ W, 725 Watts
  • Model B - BH-02-C
ConeMount BH-02 bearing heater ***Detailed product specification sheet: Cone Bearing Heater from ConeMount.

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