Crankshaft deflection measuring device electronic DI-5


Model DI-5
Manufacturer SEIFFERT
Power supply
Condition Còn hàng
Warranty 12 tháng

I. Specification of crankshaft deflection measuring device electronic DI-5

Crankshaft deflection measuring device electronic DI-5
  • Most engineers are familiar with the importance of regular checks on the crankshaft and cylinder liners of a diesel engine. Old dial gauges to check crankshaft alignment are time consuming, annoying, dirty, and give uncertain accuracy.
  • By using the Electronic Crankshaft Deviation Indicator of the DI-5 series of prisms, the work will be much easier and the accuracy will be improved.
  • As an option for the DI-5 electronic crankshaft deflector, the user can connect a chamber kit to check cylinder bushing loss and compare wear.
  • The DI-5 Deviation Indicator has been used by many engineers in more than 90 countries worldwide. Our customers are diesel engine manufacturers who equip their engines with a unit for service programmes, service companies and transportation companies..

II. Outstanding advantage of DI-5C crankshaft deflection indicator

  • Electronic crankshaft deflector DI-5, a pleasant and clean operation compared to using old dial gauges.
  • Download measurements to your computer to store, monitor, print and compare your engine wear.
  • Measure deviation at an extremely high accuracy of 0.001mm.
  • Rechargeable battery works for portable use.
  • Large measuring distance 60–574 mm, with different probe types.
  • USB connection to PC.
  • Export to Excel from Prisma DI-5C.

III. Smart design & high efficiency

Crankshaft deflection measuring device electronic DI-5
  • The four push buttons on the panel of the DI-5 electronic crankshaft deflector are used to select, change and accept on-screen values ​​such as temperature, engine number, cylinder number, measuring direction, etc Just press the OK button to save the value. When the first cylinder is completed, move the probe to the next cylinder and store the measured values. The wide measuring range allows the transducer to be moved between cylinders without mechanical adjustment. Once all the cylinders are completed, the soft copy can be downloaded to a PC for future reference and comparison.
  • The bridge chamber gauge is primarily designed to measure cylinder liner wear and the possibility of shedding. However, the device can be modified to take measurements from different applications according to the individual requirements of the user. The standard set includes equipment for measuring cylinder bushings with diameters of 180-600 mm, and of stroke up to 870 mm.
  • The software that comes with the Prisma DI-5C deviation indicator also handles measurements taken with the chamber gauge. In this way, the user can transfer the chamber data to his or her PC for evaluation and comparison, all with graphs and prints, and more measured data can be exported to Excel by Install Prisma DI-5C . software.
***See more about coaxial and concentric alignment devices at:

IV. Specifications of Crankshaft deflection measuring device electronic DI-5

Prisma DI-5

Prisma DI-5 Small Prisma DI-5C Prisma  Prisma DI-5C Small
Memory & transfer to PC No No Yes


Export as Excel

No No Yes Yes
Measuring distance 89-565 mm 60-536 mm 89-565 mm


Measuring range

+/- 2.048 mm +/- 1.000 mm +/- 2.048 mm +/- 1.000 mm


0,001 mm

Zero balance range +/- 2.048 mm +/-1.000 +/- 2.048 mm


Zero drift

0.001 mm / 5 minutes
Instrument operating range

0-55°C / 32-130°F


mm mm mm mm
Transducer operating range

0-80°C / 32-175°F


3.6 V Lithium Ion, rechargeable
Battery Life

hours / charge, shelf life 5 years

Extension bars (invar alloy)

10, 20, 40, 80 and 2 x 160 mm
Cable length


Gross Weight

Dimensions: Instrument

x 167 x 50 mm


Ø 31 x 81 mm Ø 22 x 56 mm Ø 31 x 81 mm Ø 22 x 56 mm

x 280 x 140 mm


V. Video

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