Fingerprint smart card Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1


Power supply
Fingerprint smart card Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1 (also known as biometric card, biometric matching card) is registered by the administrator first for one person and many people. The fingerprint data stored in the card LH-WYFP-001-MF1 is used to identify the fingerprint data of the living organism and the identity of the cardholder can be compared and confirmed instantly.

I. Specification of biometric identification card LH-WYFP-001-MF1

  • With Fingerprint smart card Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1 cardholder will not send any data to access control system without fingerprint verification. All data is encrypted and stored in the card securely, will not lead to the leakage of fingerprints or data for other reasons.
  • Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1 smart card's powerful energy harvesting technology allows the card to communicate with RF readers/transceivers without any other power source.
  • LH-WYFP-001-MF1 supports unique identifier (UID) and MIFARE Plus SE as identification method and is compatible with most RF terminals currently on the market.
Fingerprint smart card Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1

Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1 - Global flexibility:

  • This fingerprint card LH-WYFP-001-MF1 adopts the most advanced and complete universal card technology in the world as a service provider and can join the common application standard.

Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1 - Ability of extension:

  • There are many readable and writeable areas in this fingerprint card, which can be written into different contents such as electronic wallet, cold chain electronic wallet, key, electronic business card, study certificate, account number bank account, social security number, etc. and Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1 perform the function of multiple cards and actually realize the expansion of one card.

Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1 - High security:

  • Fingerprint smart card Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1 is technically upgraded using fingerprint uniqueness. Fingerprint uniqueness makes fingerprint cards unique globally, not forgotten, lost, fraudulent and not transferable to others. The level of security is very high.

Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1 - Design that keeps up with the trend:

  • This fingerprint card LH-WYFP-001-MF1 uses fingerprint instead of password, photo or key, can be used in electronic payment, security, privacy, identification and other fields worldwide and can also be used in online payments, online IDs and passwords on the Internet.
  • More secure, and it can also lead to the emergence of the "online real-name system" era, and it can bring a new, more fashionable and convenient way of life..


  • Support UID and MIFARE Plus SE -ISO14443A / 13.56Mhz
  • AES data encryption
  • Fast Response Time - Verification Speed: <600ms
  • Support directly input fingerprint on fingerprint card
  • Advanced Energy Collecting Technology - No Battery Required

II. Application of Union fingerprint identification card LH-WYFP-001-MF1

Field identification:

  • Customs inspection of self-service channels, banks, social security systems, professional certification exams.
  • Certification of PC security and internal WEB access control by high-security units in the field of identity management, internal employee authority management and target access management.

Smart card field:

  • ID, e-passport, traffic card, tax card, fuel card, school card, social security card, debit card, access card.

Payment security application:

  • Bank card payment, online banking payment, contactless smart card payment, store value card, membership card.

Other areas:

  • Military, Prison Authentication, Major Location Authentication, Child Biometric Based Identity Authentication, Office Management etc.
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III. Specifications fingerprint smart card Union LH-WYFP-001-MF1


Card material


Sensor pixel

Sensor resolution


Sensor size

Algorithm MCU


Response time




Fingerprint capacity


Communication Interface


 Contactless card reader (optional)

Standby current

Working current

<8mA(MCU +Sensor)

Working Temperature

-10 ~ 50℃
Medium size

81*49*0.8 (t) mm

Overall Card size 

85.6*53.8*1.0 (t)mm
Fingerprint input

On the card

Compatible RF terminals


Operating Principle:

The-thong-minh-van-tay-union-lh-wyfp-001-mf1 ***Video of biometric fingerprint card and wireless card reader available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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