High precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320

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Model AMQ320
Manufacturer AUSKY
Power supply
Condition Còn hàng
Warranty 12 tháng

I. Main features of High precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320

  • High-precision CNC video measuring machine adopts high-precision granite structure, difficult to deform, high stability, high-grade beautiful.
  • High-precision optical grid system, high-resolution color CCD.
  • P-grade guide bar, high-precision transmission.
  • High performance servo system, high precision, high efficiency and high stability.
  • Adjustable LED light source zone, allowing multi-directional projection.
  • CNC software controls the controller, Auto focus, auto zoom ratio conversion, Auto edge detection, Auto light sense, Auto measure, High efficiency assurance.
  • Configured with industry leading proprietary measuring software.
  • Integrated overall design.
  • Configured with imported RENISHAW high precision contact type probe group. Configured with high-precision laser meter, programmable automatic coaxial composite image/probe/laser.
High precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320  

II. Software function

A. Multiple measurement methods:

  • This high precision CNC video meter AMQ320 includes auto edge tracking, auto section edge detection, mouse screen point fetch, diagonal pointing, asymptotic pointing, contrast and peak pointing, pointing follow contour, point probe, point laser, etc. High precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320

B. Powerful edge tracking algorithm:

  • Ensures sampling point accuracy and automatic pixel correction for sampling stability, where a single stroke allows automatic pixel correction, which does not need to be changed frequently.

High precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320

C. Element structure:

  • Element structure engineering, provides many methods, such as displacement, rotation, extraction, combination, parallelism, plumbing, reflection, symmetry, intersection, structured elements tangent; The element structure will allow the user to deal with some elements that are difficult to measure, thus leading to increased work efficiency; The composing process is to choose the elements to participate in the composition, to choose the resulting element, which is clear and simple. Options for composition methods are available as illustrations.

AMQ320 AMQ320

D. Rich reporting functions:


Result data export toolbar

The software supports exporting documents in EXCEL, WORD, TXT, DXF, IGS formats. The EXCEL or WORD application must be installed before you export an EXCEL or WORD document. Click the export EXCEL button and WORD will automatically start the respective application. DXF format documents are opened with Auto CAD or other graphics software. Document export toolbar as follows:


The user can set whether to output the measurement result of an element and also set whether to output an item of the element result, as shown below:

AMQ320 AMQ320

EXCEL document export settings

Due to the diversification of EXCEL table requirements, the software supports setting EXCEL documents, click the EXCEL export settings button on the export toolbar and pop up the following dialog.

E. Warning over tolerance red:

  • In case the measurement result is out of tolerance, the specific element and the element composition can be displayed and the derived EXCEL can both remind which item is out of tolerance.
High precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320

F. The rich functions of the picture window:

  • Can display scale and magnification ratio, and can measure distance and simple angle.
High precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320

G. Rich functions of the coordinate system:

  • This high precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320 can set up multiple coordinate systems on the basis of actual conditions, can convert data flexibly according to any coordinate system, can convert between coordinate system conveniently straight angle and polar coordinate system, can save and recall different coordinate systems, and can display different modes of coordinate system.
High precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320

H. Convenient program editing and modification:

  • Allows convenient modification of light source data, kinetic data, focus data, program position, height measurement, etc., as well as being able to replace existing elements with new ones.
  • I have many tolerance functions
  • Wide range of geometrical dimensional and tolerance calculations available; Allowed to calculate 2D and 3D tolerances, for example, geometrical tolerances such as roundness, cylinder, alignment, plane, etc., as well as tolerances such as position, parallelism, verticality, inclination, concentricity, pulse, etc.

J. Map contour, scan and navigation software that provides powerful navigation functions:

  • The measuring device can scan the entire map by specifying the start and end points, and can also import images taken by the external sensor for navigation;
  • The scan function can be used in the reverse function, can specify the start and end point of the scan, and the specially designed algorithm; allows to increase the accuracy and practicality of the scan through the filtering of impurities; allows to trace the graphic open or close to have a border trace, to get the desired contour. The number of scan points can be set, on the contour and the software can automatically calculate the scanning distance.

K. Powerful tagging function:

  • Available in many types of tagging, e.g. Distance, Angle, X Distance, Y Distance, Radius, Diameter, Arc Length, etc., allows to change the position after finishing mounting tags, as well as auto-tagging users, that will remain after the program ends.
AMQ320   ***See more Gmga image dimensioners at: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/measuring-device/dimension-measuring-equipment/image-and-video-size-measuring-equipment/

III. Specifications of High precision CNC video measuring machine AMQ320


Model AMQ320


Instrument Material High-Precision Granite Structure
3 Machine Size(mm)



Glass Table Size(mm) 350X250mm
5 Travel(mm)



Weight(kg) 400KG
7 Instrument Precision(um)



Light Source LED Programmable Partition Light Source
9 Measurement Function

AUSKY Software


Raster Resolution 0.0002mm
11 The Camera

TEO Color CCD Camera


Eyepiece 1X
13 Lens

Zoom 0.7-4.5X


Total Video Magnification(X) 30X~200X
15 Power Supply

AC 220V 50HZ ,110V 60HZ


Temperature and Humidity

Laboratory standards

17 Site

There is no high frequency around; No vibration; No pollution, etc.


IV. Video

  ***See more videos of the device at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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