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Thursday, 10.03.2022

I. Understanding Industrial Borescope Cameras?


  • A Borescope or Industrial Endoscope is used to look inside walls, inspect pipes, drains, and see inside engines.
  • Borescope inspection is done in automotive, HVAC, machinery maintenance and repair, because an industrial Borescope camera allows non-destructive inspection in hard to reach places such as drains, drains, vents , vent pipes, heaters, engines, pistons, gears, valves, compressors, boilers and condensers.
  • Thanks to their flexible cables and lightweight housing, industrial Borescope cameras are extremely versatile and portable. Industrial Borescope inspection cameras help users locate potential problems quickly and easily without the need to dismantle systems or machinery, allowing remedial actions to be taken before they occur costly downtime.

***For any Borescope Camera related questions regarding this Industrial Endoscope article, please contact the GMGA MEASURING technical sales and support team at or Call: (+84) 0845 969 336, for the best technical support and purchase.

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II. GMGA Measurement and Analysis Equipment – Distributor of Quality, Genuine, Technical, Diversified and Cheapest Industrial Endoscope Camera in Vietnam market.

  • GMGA MEASURING is an Engineering and Trading company – Dedicated to providing industrial Borescope solutions for all of our customers’ Inspection and Service applications and operations.
  • We provide the following products: Industrial Camera, Industrial Endoscope Camera, Industrial Borescope, Industrial Endoscope Borescope, Industrial Camera and Industrial Inspection Camera, etc.
  • GMGA is always learning and updating – accessing the most advanced techniques of Borescope, to convey and advise customers. We advise customers to choose the best quality industrial camera products – the most technical – the most modern – and especially with the most suitable price.
  • The products offered by GMGA MEASURING Industrial Endoscope Camera are all Quality – Genuine – Diversity products, with beautiful designs, long-term durability, of famous Measuring Instrument manufacturers. and brands in the world: PCE of UK, Trotec of Germany, POTOP of Taiwan. . . and many other brands.


The Industrial Viewfinder products at GMGA include:

    • Industrial UV borescope PCE-VE 200UV
    • BO26 industrial microscope video camera
    • VSC3008 industrial video camera
    • VSC206 industrial video camera
    • BO21 industrial video camera
    • Industrial endoscope series JK-7” HQ / LCD
    • PCE-VE 800 handheld industrial endoscope inspection camera
    • Versatile industrial borescope inspection camera PCE-VE 1030N
    • Industrial viewfinder PCE-VE 350HR
    • VSP3041 industrial inspection endoscopic camera system
    • SeeSnake CA350 nano digital tube inspection camera system
    • Wi-Fi Digital Endoscope Camera (IOS / Android)
    • USB digital endoscope camera
    • Wifi industrial endoscope cameras PCE-PIC 50
    • Industrial endoscope camera series PR-5” LCD / Wireless
    • Industrial endoscope camera series PM-3.5″ LCD
    • JKX30 Series industrial endoscope camera (Best Pipe/Drain Inspection)
    • JF-3.5” LCD series industrial endoscope camera
    • Industrial endoscope camera series CT-3.5”/5.1” LCD / HD
    • Industrial endoscope camera for visual inspection PCE-PIC 40
    • PCE-VE 370RH3 4-way industrial endoscope camera
    • PCE-VE 1034N-F 2-way industrial endoscope camera
    • Micro CA-350X digital inspection camera
    • Industrial borescope camera Wifi connect tablet / Smartphone PCE-VE 500N
      Borescope PCE-VE 270HR
    • Industrial borescope with telescope PCE-IVE 320
    • Industrial borescope PCE-VE 380N-LOC
    • Industrial borescope pipeline inspection PCE-PIC 120
    • Industrial borescope / Pipe inspection camera – Drain PCE-VE 390N
    • MicroReel MicroSeel CA-350 digital tube inspection camera kit.

Contact GMGA:

For technical advice on choosing the right Camera for your application, please contact us: GMGA MEASURING AND ANALYSING EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY.

  • Address: No. 10, Alley 42/293 Thinh Liet Street, Thinh Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
  • Website:
  • Hotline: 0845 969 336
  • Email:

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