Vision, mission and core values


GMGA MEASURING – Orients to develop into a company Technology – Industry – Trade & Service leading multinational in Vietnam and the region.

GMGA MEASURING – Will constantly innovate, create, consolidate and develop to create an ecosystem of the best products, the most professional service, and the best service to customers.

GMGA MEASURING – Will become one of the Top 5 multinational trading companies with the largest scale and growth rate in Vietnam and in Asia.


GMGA MEASURING wishes to bring customers professional and modern Products & Services according to international standards !


“Credibility – Integrity – Creativity – Speed – Quality – Humanity”


  • GMGA MEASURING puts CREDIBILITY first, takes CREDIBILITY as a competitive weapon and protects CREDIBILITY like protecting GMGA’s own honor.
  • GMGA MEASURING always tries to prepare full execution capacity, make every effort to ensure correct and higher than its own commitments to customers and partners. Especially the commitment to product quality, service and implementation schedule.


  • GMGA MEASURING puts INTEGRITY as one of the important foundations of business. GMGA respects the law and maintains professional ethics and social ethics at the highest standards.
  • GMGA MEASURING values Customers and always takes Customers as the center, putting customers’ interests and desires first. GMGA always strives to bring customers the most perfect Products & Services, considers Customer’s satisfaction as a measure of success !
  • GMGA MEASURING takes care of Customers voluntarily, understands the service mission and only assumes the task when capable..


  • GMGA MEASURING considers creativity as vitality, as a development lever, in order to create distinct values and unique identities in each GMGA Product & Service.
  • GMGA MEASURING upholds enterprising spirit, encourages research and application of new sciences, techniques and technologies in management and production; always actively improve and improve the quality of Products & Services.
  • GMGA MEASURING upholds the policy of a “learning enterprise” that is not afraid of difficulties to learn, self-study and “beyond oneself”.


  • GMGA MEASURING takes “Effective speed in every action” as its principle, and takes “Fast decision – Fast investment – Fast deployment – Fast sales – Fast change and adaptation. . .” make identity value.
  • GMGA MEASURING upholds pioneering aspirations and determines “Glory belongs to those who finish on time”. GMGA values speed but always uses the phrase “Don’t rush” to discipline itself.


  • GMGA MEASURING’s goal is: Gathering elite people to make and bring to Customers the quintessential Products & Services.
  • GMGA MEASURING wishes to build a lean, qualified and talented human resource team, where each member is an excellent factor in his or her field of work..
  • GMGA MEASURING concept: The system of GMGA must be like a healthy, toned body and without excess fat. GMGA “treats sage” and “pans the sand to find gold” hopes to find the right people, puts the right people in the right jobs to promote their full potential, but is also ready to screen those who are not suitable.


  • GMGA MEASURING builds relationships with customers, partners, colleagues, investors and society by friendliness, cordiality, human spirit.
  • GMGA MEASURING always considers employees as the most valuable asset, building a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment; practice preeminent welfare policies, create favorable conditions for high income and equal development opportunities for all employees.