Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M


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Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M (magnetometer) the portable Gaussian NOVOTEST MF-1M is equipped with a Hall probe to measure magnetic induction in the following units: Gauss, Tesla, Amps/meter. Gaussmeter MF-1M (magnetometer) consists of an electronic unit and various detachable sensors. Device runs on two standard AA alkaline batteries (1.5 V).

I. Specification of NOVOTEST MF-1M magnetometer

NOVOTEST MF-1M - Static magnetic field (DC) test:

  • The main purpose of the NOVOTEST MF-1M is to measure the parameters of the static magnetic field - strength (inductive).
  • Using a horizontal probe, the NOVOTEST MF-1M magnetometer can measure the residual magnetization of the material after testing for magnetic particles, the noise level of the magnetic component in industry, as well as the magnetic induction of many types of equipment, components and products.

Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M

NOVOTEST MF-1M - Measuring alternating static magnetic fields (AC):

  • The NOVOTEST MF-1M magnetic meter allows to measure the parameters of the alternating magnetic field - the strength value (inductive), as well as the parameters of a single pulse of the magnetic field - the peak value of the intensity (inductive).
Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M

NOVOTEST MF-1M - Measure:

  • TThe NOVOTEST MF-1M magnetometer can display the measured value in Ampere/Centimeter (A/cm), Gauss (Gs) and Tesla (mT) units.
  • That is why NOVOTEST MF-1M devices are sometimes called Teslameters or Gaussmeters.
  • In addition, in the NOVOTEST MF-1M magnetic field meter there is a conditional CODE scale, which allows the assessment of changes in the magnetic field without reference to the scale.
Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M

NOVOTEST MF-1M - Threshold warning function:

  • The device has the function of displaying a signal like a graph, allowing to monitor the change in the strength of the magnetic field by scanning the product.
  • In addition, the user can set a threshold for the limit values of the measured parameters, when the value exceeds this threshold, the device will emit an alarm signal.

NOVOTEST MF-1M - Flexible combination of test probes:

  • This NOVOTEST MF-1M Magnetic meter can be equipped with probes to work in different ranges (±100G, ±1000G, ±3000G), the narrower the range, the higher the measurement accuracy.
  • The unit is equipped with a transducer as standard, but axial probes can be requested separately when ordering..

NOVOTEST MF-1M - Durable ergonomic design:

  • The device is sealed and can be used in high humidity conditions; The silicone case allows the device to be impact resistant.
  • In addition, the MF-1M can be used in a temperature range of -20 to +40°C ..
Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M

NOVOTEST MF-1M -  Software and PC connectivity:

  • The NOVOTEST MF-1M magnetometer is capable of creating a measurement archive that can be transferred to a PC using special software.


  • Simple and convenient for measurements
  • User-friendly interface
  • Measures static (DC), alternating (AC) and pulsed magnetic fields
  • Flexible conversion of measurement units
  • Wide measuring range
  • Different types of probes
  • Rugged and impact resistant case.
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II. Specifications magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M

The measurement range depends on the probe, G:

– PH-100

± 100G

– PH-1000

± 1000G
– PH-3000

± 3000G

Measurement accuracy of the probes:

– PH-100


– PH-1000

– PH-3000



Ampere/Centimeter (A/cm)

Gauss (Gs)

Tesla (mT)

Response time, no more, s


Overall dimensions, mm

Operating temperature, ° C

-20 to +40

Power supply

2pcs AA batteries
Weight of electronic unit with batteries, kg, no more


III. NOVOTEST MF-1M standard package

  • Electronic unit - Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M
  • Probe
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Operating manual
  • Shipping Box.
Magnetic meter NOVOTEST MF-1M ***Video of equipment for measuring and checking residual magnetic fields is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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