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Wednesday, 09.03.2022

Measuring techniques and procedures for measuring coating thicknesses

  • Surface thickness measurement and inspection involves determining the coating thickness on a surface. Layer thickness in the technical sense; is the material thickness of one or more coatings on the substrate. A coating may be of organic origin; such as a lacquer or inorganic like metal layer of the galvanizing process.
  • List-Magnetik / Trotex Layer Thickness Gauges; using two of the non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques; the ISO 2178 magnetic induction process and the ISO 2360 eddy current procedure. The magnetic induction method is used when the substrate itself is magnetic (steel or iron). Eddy current method comes into play when the substrate is at least conductive (other metals like aluminum).


  • List-Magnetik & Trotex layer thickness testers; are factory calibrated and do not need to be calibrated by the user. An exception is when measuring on curved surfaces or on different base materials.
  • Here, according to ISO 2178; the two-point calibration must be performed on the same uncoated object.

Fields of application for coating thickness gauges and testers

Quality assurance in the painting process

  • Comply with minimum paint thickness
  • Optimizing the use of materials

Quality assurance with electroplating

  • Galvanized, chrome plated on steel
  • Copper Coated Steel Coil

Quality assurance in anodizing aluminum coating

Quality assurance for metal rubber coating

Car expert

  • Is it the original paint or after repainting?.

Thickness probe

  • You will find a wide range of probes to suit your specific requirements.
  • Please Note: The Combined Oscilloscope Probe is designed to use both measurement techniques. You can work with both methods on all metals, with automatic substrate detection. The 90° rotatable probe lets you measure even in the most difficult-to-reach corners and openings.
  • All of our coating thickness gauges are “Made in Germany“.

GMGA – Providing QUALITY – GENUINE – CHEAP thickness gauges

Trotec BB20 coating thickness gauge

  • With the BB20 coating thickness gauge you can easily measure the thickness of magnetic and non-magnetic coatings such as Paint, Varnish, Plastic coating, Zinc coating, Enamel or Chrome coating on different materials such as Iron, Steel, non-ferrous metals… from which accurate measurement results and objective evaluations of the coating quality of the product can be given.

Surface Testing Machine

Trotec BB30 coating thickness gauge

  • With the BB30 coating thickness tester you can easily measure the thickness of magnetic and non-magnetic coatings such as Paint, Varnish, Plastic coating, Zinc coating, Enamel or Chrome plating on other materials. such as Iron, Steel, non-ferrous metals… from which accurate measurement results and objective assessments of the coating quality of the product can be given.


TOP-CHECK surface thickness gauge

  • List-Magnetik TOP-CHECK Layer Thickness Tester works with the only built-in probe in the world and can be rotated 90°.
  • Compact measuring device, almost no larger than a measuring probe, so ideally suited for on-site thickness measurement applications in hard-to-reach places.

Ultrasonic device for measuring surface thickness

Paint thickness tester MEGA-CHECK Pocket

  • List-Magnetik MEGA-CHECK with external digital measuring probe for coating measurement on metal surfaces – Pocket Surface Thickness Gauge ensures repeatable, accurate measurements without problems. The measuring probes digitize the signals in the transducer before they are transmitted to the measuring device via the probe cable.

coating-thickness-testing machine

Coating thickness gauge MEGA-CHECK Basic / Profi / Master

  • Offering the ability to connect a multitude of different measuring probes for metal layer thickness measurement, Many specialized probes can be connected to the List-Magnetik MEGA-CHECK – Professional Layer Thickness Gauge. Therefore, applications at particularly small holes, at thick layers and at small measuring points are possible without any problems and offering high measurement performance. Special functions such as sweep measurement for rough surfaces and duplex measurement for galvanized and coated steel are beyond the scope of service.

Ultrasonic equipment to check surface coating thickness

Application range of coating thickness gauge

  • Non-magnetic layer measurement through steel or iron (FE metal)
  • Measurement of non-ferrous versus non-ferrous (NFE metal) grades
  • Measurement of non-metallic layer on galvanized steel (combination of FE and NFE metals) with the MEGA-CHECK Master duplex measurement method
  • Measure uneven layers using the MEGA-CHECK Master’s scanning method
  • Base material FE
    • On iron and steel (FE) you can measure all non-magnetic layers such as paint, coating, plastic, enamel, rubber, ceramic and electroplating.
  • Base Material NFE
    • Non-ferrous metals (NFEs) such as aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, lead, copper or stainless steel can be used to measure all non-conductive layers such as paints, coatings, plastics, anodic rubbers.

***Videos of surface coating testers and testers are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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