Muffle Furnace BZH-2.5-10

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Model BZH-2.5-10
Manufacturer Qiantong
Power supply
Condition Còn hàng
Warranty 12 tháng

I. Product features of Muffle Furnace BZH-2.5-10

  • Muffle Furnace BZH-2.5-10 - The resistance furnace of plastic melting temperature measuring box adopts advanced technologies in the world. The furnace shell is made of high-quality steel plate welded with a folded edge. Control box and furnace body integrated as one structure. The design is compact, not bulky. The inner liner is a rectangular integrated liner made of high silicon and aluminum carbide refractories. A spiral heater made of iron-nickel-chromium-aluminum alloy wire is wound and passed through the wire grooves at the top, bottom, left and right of the furnace inner lining.
  • The BZH-2.5-10 Muffle Furnace is a hermetic structure, the insulation built between the furnace and the furnace shell by aluminum silicate refractory fibers and diatomite products. Reasonable overall design, long service life, left opening door, and easy to operate chimney fume extractor. The furnace has a beautiful appearance, exquisite, strong, firm, not easy to deform..

Muffle Furnace BZH-2.5-10

II. Temperature control unit

  • The over-temperature alarm device adopts the overall design and humanized menu design, using industrial PID self-regulating control technology. Dual high brightness wide window digital display. Values displayed are clear and intuitive. Control via microcomputer has solved the disadvantages of excessive temperature etc. and the temperature control effect is excellent.
  • After setting the temperature, the BZH-2.5-10 Muffle Furnace will automatically control the heat output to ensure accurate and stable temperature control. The device will alarm over temperature and cut off the heat output automatically. In addition, the device also has a timer start function or a timer start.

III. Furnace structure of Muffle furnace BZH-2.5-10

  • Shell Material: The outer shell is made of high quality cold plate and treated with phosphoric acid film salt.
  • Furnace material: Using high aluminum inner liner, good wear resistance, high furnace temperature heating up and down.
  • Insulation method: Insulating brick and insulating cotton.
  • Thermometer: The thermocouple enters from the top of the furnace body.
  • Terminal: The heater wire post is located behind the furnace body.
  • Controller: Located at the bottom of the furnace body, a control system is installed and the compensation conductor is connected to the furnace body.
  • Heating element: High temperature resistance wire.

IV. Control system structure

  • Measure the temperature K divided by nickel chromium nickel silicon thermocouple.
  • Control system: PID adjustment, display accuracy 1 .
  • Full set of electrical equipment: Using brand switches, cooling fans, solid state relays.
  • Time system: The device can be set to run automatically, to constant temperature time and to stop automatically.
  • Over-temperature protection: Built-in two-stage over-temperature protection device, double coverage. Overheat alarm, overheat cut off.
  • Operating mode: The whole range can be adjusted at constant temperature and run at constant temperature.
***You may be go to the end of the device check to the quality of GMGA:

V. Specifications of BZH-2.5-10 material flow index test furnace

Temperature range

100 ~ 1000ºC


Display precision

Furnace size

200*120*80  MM

Shape size

Heating rate



2.5KW 220V, 50Hz


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