Cell culture shaker Esco CelShaker™

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Model: CelShaker ™
Manufacturer: Esco VacciXcell
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Cell culture shaker Esco CelShaker™ features rotating arms that can perform 15º header shakes and hold up to 4 Celcradle™ bottles in the inverted position.

  • Speed adjustable up to 450rpm
    Semi-automatic harvest from CelCradle™ . cultures
    Dedicated rotating arm can hold up to 4 CelCradle™ bottles


Cell culture shaker Esco CelShaker™ can simulate the shaking action of the human wrist, effectively removing cells from binding to macroporous carriers. This enables semi-automatic harvesting from CelCradle™ cultures (CeCradle™ and CelCradle™ X systems), replacing tedious manual extraction of bottles.

Esco CelShaker ™ – Your CelCradle™ Harvester Companion.

I. Specification Esco CelShaker ™ rotary arm tilt shaker

Features of CelShaker™:

  • Adjustable speed – allows adjustments on CelShaker™ depending on mobile line and application
  • Vibration damper – reduces vibration and keeps shaker in place
  • Timing operation – allows user to control harvest time
  • High harvesting efficiency – allows for shaker harvesting of sticky cell cultures of more than 90% of cells.

Cell culture shaker Esco CelShaker™

Working principle of the Esco CelShaker ™ rotary arm shaker:

  • Preparation
  • Rinse the bottle with PBS or an equivalent solution to remove any serum that may interfere with enzyme activity for further steps.
  • Enzymatic digestion: Add dissociation enzyme or equivalent solution applied to the cell line to separate the cell from the macro-carrier. Incubate the bottle so that the enzymes are active through the entire culture.
  • Inhibitors
  • Installation: Hold the CelCradle™ bottles firmly in the CelShaker™ cranks.
  • Separation: Input speed and duration in an adherent cell culture shaker and cycle time initiation.
  • Collect the solution in the collection flask. Add medium to the bottle.
  • Repeat 6-7 three times but exclude the addition of media to the final harvest. Collect all cells by centrifugation.

Application of the Esco CelShaker™ shaker:

  • Semi-automatic harvest from CelCradle™ cultures

Cell culture shaker Esco CelShaker™

***You may be interested in the GMGA nucleic acid extraction system – Esco Vietnam: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/process-equipment/nucleic-acid-extraction-system/

II. Specifications cell culture shaker Esco CelShaker™


Wrist action shaker

Up to 4 CelCradle™ bottles

Mixing angle

Shaking motion

Wrist motion


0 – 999 min (1 min increment)
0 – 999 min (1 min increment)

50-450 rpm

Electrical requirements

220-240 VAC

290 x 310 x 375 mm

325 x 310 x 375 mm (with rotary arms)

Net weight

50 kg

***The detailed technical data sheet of the device: Esco CelShaker™ Cell Culture Shaker.


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