Cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS)

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Cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell® (TXLHS) is specifically designed for the TideXcell™ high-density cell culture system to recover cells from cultured substrate flasks (2 L, 20 L, 100 L volume).

TXLHS is a powerful tool for harvesting and transferring surviving cells, intracellular viruses, and more from the large-scale TideXcell™ system in a closed and automated system; thus eliminating the risk of contamination.

It can also be applied to mass harvesting of cells for biological production and any related applications. With the use of TXLHS, up to 1011 cells can be harvested within one (1) to three (3) hours of cell harvester operation.


Cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS) Gentle Giant’s harvesting partner

I. Specification of the Esco TideXcell ® Automatic Cell Harvester (TXLHS)

Tide motion in cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS):

Features of Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS):

  • TThe entire harvesting process can be set up from washing to harvesting cells in a self-contained, automatic cell harvester.
  • Suitable for cell harvesting from 2L TideXcell ® matrix flasks to 20L matrix flasks
  • Cell seed source support for TideXcell™-010 up to TideXcell™-100 systems.
  • Harvest live cells within 1 to 3 hours (harvest time depends on harvest cycle).
  • Up to 10 11 tiles can be recovered with over 95% survivability from a single TXLHS unit.
  • Four (4) built-in peristaltic pumps (with option to add up to 3 more) with assignable functions.

Please note: Cell harvesting efficiency depends on the cell line used with the adherent cell harvester.

Cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS)

II. Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS) – Working principle

The TideXcell™ harvesting system uses a similar and conventional cell harvesting concept by digesting enzymatic treatment and separating the cells from the attached substrate. Procedures include:

Cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS)


  • Mount and secure the TideXcell™ Matrix flask in the TideXcell™ Harvest System and connect the TideXcell™ matrix flask to the tubular manifolds. It will act as a conduit for the introduction of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), enzymes (usually Tryple Select, Accumax and Collagenase among others), enzyme inhibitors (when using culture media that does not contain serum), culture medium and waste container.
  • These six tubes connect to the Matrix Vessel via a manifold.


  • Wash the substrate with phosphate-buffered saline or an equivalent solution to remove serum that may inhibit enzyme activity in the following step.

Enzyme treatment:

  • Immerse the substrate with a chosen enzyme to digest the cells until the cells round up to separate.

Cell separation:

  • Shake the matrix jar together with the matrix to remove cells from the porous matrix.


  • Collect cells by rinsing the substrate with cell culture medium or an equivalent solution and collect cells into the harvesting tank.

III. Advantages of cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS)

  • Suitable for cell harvesting from TideXcell™ 2L Matrix Vessels to 20L Matrix Vessels.
  • Cell seed source support for TideXcell™-010 up to TideXcell™-100 systems.
  • Harvest live animal cells within 1 to 3 hours (harvest time depends on harvest cycle).
  • The entire harvesting process is done automatically in a closed system. Manual operation is also available.
  • Can recover up to 1011 tiles with over 90% survivability from a THS . unit.

Cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS)

IV. Application of the Esco TideXcell ® cell harvester

  • TideXcell ® Automated Cell Harvester (TXLHS) for adherent cell culture including but not limited to: Insect Cells, Mammal Cells, Stem Cells
  • Extending biomass for seed training from 2D to 3D
  • Autologous and allogeneic cell therapy
  • Intracellular virus.

Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS)

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V. Specifications cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS)


Exterior dimesion (WxDxH) Controller unit: 80cm x 91cm x 181.2cm
Main chamber: 110cm x 110cm x 188.7cm

1,330 kg not including 2/20L adaptor (18kg)


Single phase, AC, 220 V, 50/50 Hz
Gas Input

At least 0.5 MPa from the air source


RS485 communication port
Function: Rotation Functional unit

Rotary motor


750 W

0°~180° (back and forth)


0~10 rpm ± 2 rpm

0~999 sec ± 5 sec

Function: Shake

Functional unit Shake motor

3.5 kW at 300 rpm



50~300 rpm ± 10 rpm


0~999 sec ± 5 sec(16.6 mins)
Function: Break Functional unit


Function: Feed and Harvest

Functional unit 6 Peristaltic pumps (Harvest Out, Buffer Saline In, Enzyme In, Inhibition In, Culture Medium In, Waste Recovery)

20 – 250 rpm ± 5 rpm


0~999 sec ± 5 sec

ID 9.6 mm(3/8″)*WT 32 mm(1/8″)

Consumable: Matrix vessel

Volume 2 L and 20 L


Consumable: Tubing set

Type ID:3/8″, OD:5/8″
Tool: Torque wrench Range

10~45 N•m

Control: Touch panel

Size 10.4″ color

Automated and manual


Cell recovery rate 2L Vessel: >90% recovery rate

20L Vessel: 70%~90% recovery rate

VI. Video

***Detailed product specification sheet: TideXcell® Harvesting System.


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