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Monday, 07.06.2021

GMGA – Providing cheap, quality, high-accuracy force gauges !

Definition of force gauge:

Cheap dynamometer

  • Digital force gauges, commonly known as machines or force gauges or tension and compression gauges. Used in material inspection; quality control and assurance; study; develop; product testing; laboratory; and educational apps.

Machines – gauges – force measuring equipment of GMGA:

  • The products offered by GMGA MEASURING digital force gauges are the benchmark in quality and performance.
  • Digital force gauges provide measurements in kilograms (kg), grams (g), ounces (oz), pounds (lbs) and Newtons (N) of force (f); depending on the force measurement model.
  • Most of GMGA MEASURING’s digital force gauge products are handheld devices. The hand-held force gauges can also be used with the universal test stand; and cheap force gauges.
  • Force gauge with capacity up to 1000g; usually with clamping attachments to support the load. While dynamometers with a capacity of up to 50 kg often have a hook attachment. Most dynamometers with capacities up to 100 kg and beyond feature heavy-duty carabiner-style attachments to support the load.
  • At GMGA, we offer dynamometer products; as well as digital force gauges. Most digital force gauges are available with RS-232 or USB ports or interfaces. Optional software allows data to be transferred to a PC for analysis.

Cheap dynamometer Cheap dynamometer

Why measure force?

  • Manufacturers strive to optimize their materials, products and processes, for maximum performance and safety at minimal cost..
  • To find the right manufacturing mix, many manufacturers put their materials and products to the test.
  • This type of test typically involves the use of a force gauge to determine under what conditions a material, component or product may break or become loose..
  • A force gauge can be used to determine the amount of Newtons required for a door to open, turn a handle, or press the vehicle’s brake pedal.
  • Force gauges can measure tension used to destroy metal pipes or wires. The force gauge can even be used to gauge how much compression affects the car seat during an auto accident.
  • VPlease contact us for a free force measurement unit conversion tester. Our handy force unit converter allows you to convert the measurement data you have collected into units such as: ponds (p), Newtons (N), kiloponds (kp) or kilograms-force ( kgf), kilonewtons (kN), dynes (dyn), poundals (pdl), ounces-force (ozf) and pounds-force (lbf).

dynamometer-push-pull-force digital-dynamometer  Handheld digital force indicator

Selling Cheap, Quality & Genuine Force Gauges 30% Cheaper than Vietnam Market:

  • Please Contact Us GMGA MEASURING AND ANALYSING EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY via Hotline number: (+84) 845 969 336 _ 24/7, or Email: to be:
    • Free product technical consultation.
    • Provide Quality products with the cheapest price in the market; and get discounts up to 40%-50% for the whole order.
    • Enjoy exact product warranty from 1 to 3 years.
  • Consult the force gauges GMGA MEASURING Supplied:
    • AXIS FB-C / K thrust gauge
    • Mark-10 Series 2 digital force gauge
    • Mark-10 Series 7 digital force gauge
    • Traction force gauge FB-C

***You may be interested in a torque meter from GMGA:

  • Product videos:

***See more videos of devices for measuring traction, compression, thrust and torque at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

Please contact us soon and directly for support and provide the best products and services, looking forward to serving you soon!

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