Smart card reader contactless NXP Pegoda MFEV710


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The NXP Pegoda MFEV710 smart card reader containing the Pegoda MFRD710 reader is an evaluation and reference design reader for secure applications based on the MIFARE and NTAG products. The NXP Pegoda MFEV710 Evaluation Kit is built on proven, reputable MIFARE products and the powerful Arm Cortex-M3 processor.

I. Specification of contactless smart card reader NXP Pegoda MFEV710

General description NXP CLRD710 / MFEV710:

  • The NXP Pegoda MFEV710 contactless smart card reader includes the MFRD710 contactless smart card reader. A design based on the MFRC523 contactless reader IC. The suite supports the entire MIFARE and NTAG product portfolio: MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus and MIFARE Ultralight C, NTAG, including SAM AV2 (in x and non-x modes). This Pegoda MFEV710 kit also offers full RFIDDiscover support, with a reader library for all MIFARE and NTAG products.
  • The NXP Pegoda MFEV710 uses an open software concept and PC-based tools. The software code and hardware architecture are reusable, and each toolkit includes a sample SAM-based, secure reader architecture that implements multiple protocols. For additional development flexibility, flash-based microcontrollers support custom application development based on Pegoda hardware. The microcontroller is open to implementing client code and the hardware interface of the design is open to customer extensions.
  • This NXP Pegoda MFEV710 contactless smart card reader includes native support for USB. Optional hardware expansion board, available on request, provides additional support for RS232, RS485 and Ethernet. The expansion board also features a JTAG interface, for direct debugging functionality on the microcontroller, and comes with a free embedded toolchain for firmware customization.
  • The GUI included with each suite uses the familiar Windows interface and offers a range of features, including history, logs, time record management, key management, and visibility tags.
Smart card reader contactless NXP Pegoda MFEV710

Main function:

  • NXP Pegoda MFEV710 supports ISO/IEC 14443 . multi-protocol
  • Widely deployed hardware-based PC/SC-architecture
  • Full support for the entire MIFARE and MIFARE card catalog
  • Full support for the entire NTAG and NFCdiscover tag catalog
  • Support SAM in standard mode or x . mode
  • ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller with built-in flash
  • Firmware based on NXP Reader Library (source and binaries)
  • USB host interface to PC and Windows based user interface
  • NXP Pegoda MFEV710 optional support for RS232, RS485, JTAG, Ethernet


  • NXP Pegoda MFEV710 - Fast embedded development with mobile code
  • NXP Pegoda MFEV710 - Easy customization with flash-based microcontrollers
  • NXP Pegoda MFEV710 - JTAG debugging and customization software with optional hardware expansion board
  • NXP Pegoda MFEV710 - Rapid, flexible development of secure, SAM-based reading systems

Main applications:

  • Access Management
  • Selling public transport tickets
  • Event management / micropayments
  • NFC tag
  • PC peripheral terminals and more.

Minimum system requirements for contactless card reader NXP Pegoda MFEV710:

  • The minimum system requirements to run the evaluation toolkit are as follows: Intel Pentium 166 MHz or equivalent, 32 Mbytes of RAM, 20 Mbytes of free hard disk space, USB support and Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows Server in 32 - or 64-bit version.
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II. Specifications Pegoda contactless smart card reader MFRD710 / MFEV710


Operating distance (mm)

Up to 75

Host interface: USB, Ethernet, JTAG (with additional connection board)


RF interface

Analog interface

MFRC523 contactless reader IC

Standards and protocols

NFC tag type reader

Tag 1, 2, and 4

ISO/IEC 14443 A

ISO/IEC 14443 B


MIFARE Classic support


Security features




Operating characteristics

Supply voltage digital (V)


Temperature range

0 to +70 °C


CE (Conformité Européene)

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)


Block diagram of the MFRD710 contactless reader:

Smart card reader contactless NXP Pegoda MFEV710

III. Package standard NXP Pegoda MFEV710

  • Pegoda CLRD710 smart card reader based on MFCR523 contactless reader IC and powerful ARM Cortex-M3 processor
  • Three MIFARE product sample cards
  • CD with technical documentation and software
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide with links to documentation and software.
Smart card reader contactless NXP Pegoda MFEV710 ***Detailed product specification data sheet: NXP Pegoda evaluation kit MFEV710.

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