Tips to buy Industrial Endoscope Camera

Wednesday, 09.06.2021

I. Find the right Industrial Borescope for your application

  • Call the GMGA technical support hotline: (+84) 0845 969 336; for assistance finding the right industrial borescope inspection camera to meet your needs.
  • GMGA professional technicians and experts will ask you specific questions about your application or project; and then recommend a suitable borescope camera product for your inspection task. Below you will also find some tips that you should consider when choosing or purchasing a Borescope.

Tips for buying an industrial endoscope

II. Criteria for choosing necessary technical units for Industrial Endoscope Camera

  • Diameter and length of cable
  • Rigid or flexible cable
  • Memory/storage for photos and videos
  • Service and support.

Industrial camera buying tips – Test cable diameter and length:

Tips for buying industrial cameras

  • The advantages of professional and quality Borescope cameras are the one-time purchase price and low tracking cost for retrofitting; such as buying a cable with a smaller diameter or a longer length.
  • One of the important points to consider when choosing an industrial Borescope camera is the cable. Borescope cables at GMGA are available in various lengths and diameters.
  • Think about the cable length and diameter requirements required for your application. In most cases; diameter is determined by existing clearances of machine parts, pipes, vents, etc. With cable length; It is important not to choose a cable that is too short. If your diameter and length need to vary depending on your application; you may want to purchase a Motor Lens / Industrial borescope camera that can accommodate a wide range of diameters and cable lengths – call: (+84) 0845 969 336 for more insight.

Tips for buying industrial cameras – Industrial Camera Cable:

Tips for buying industrial cameras

  • GMGA MEASURING provides rigid and flexible industrial cable/probe for industrial endoscopes.
  • Among the flexible cables; you can find 2 and 4 way articulated systems. This coupler allows the Borescope camera head to be moved in different directions and angles up to 360°.
  • In flexible borescope cable; the image is transmitted to the handheld via a fiberglass path or in newer digital lenses; through the camera in the cable.
  • Flexible borescope camera cables available in a variety of diameters and lengths; allows for more practical use. In addition, most digital industrial cameras with flexible cables have memory for storing photos and videos.
  • A rigid motor borescope typically offers very small diameters to allow for the inspection of very small components and spaces, and non-destructively.

Tips for buying industrial cameras – Photo and video storage:


  • In many test cases; users need to record and store images or video sequences of visual inspection.
  • Before buying an industrial Borescope camera; Please consider whether you require this function or not.
  • Today, many digital industrial projectors have removable SD card memory. The removable SD card makes it easy to download photos and videos to your PC or laptop.
  • With some models of industrial borescope cameras; Additional analysis software can be purchased. This software provides measurement capabilities to record the progress of a crack or fracture defect. Documents can be saved or emailed.

Technical service – pre- and after-sales support:


  • GMGA MEASURING is different from other industrial endoscope suppliers; by providing real quality customer service and support.
  • We try to find the best equipment solution. Industrial camera borescope for our customers; and maintain a mutually beneficial and long term business relationship.
  • Call us at (+84) 0845 969 336, or write to:; our customer service department to experience our customer service and technical support first-hand .

How to read and analyze industrial camera images:

  • With the help of industrial Borescope cameras; surfaces of parts and cavities are visually inspected. But how to read, detect and analyze whether there is a defective change on the tested surfaces? There are three ways to do this.


  • Of course, an industrial Borescope camera can also be permanently installed so that even an important, hidden location can be continuously monitored. For this; just add a remote connection and then the personnel on the system site will no longer be needed.
  • Generally, the analysis of images and videos performed with a Borescope camera is the end of the process. The most important point to consider is creating clear and meaningful images. This is why the following points should be observed when choosing a borescope camera:
    • Industrial borescope camera resolution
    • Light
    • Video function
    • Size of memory
    • Depending on the task performed by the user; may have lower or higher Borescope requirements.

III. Coming to GMGA Measurement and Analysis Instrument, customers will receive technical advice on Borescope – Providing products and services that exceed expectations

Hotline: (+84) 0845 969 336 _ support line and Email: _ our customer information reception is available 24/7.


  • Get technical advice to choose the best quality and most suitable, and most economical, industrial endoscope camera model for free.
  • Provided with Genuine products – Quality – The most reasonable price.
  • Get the best Pre-sale service care – The most prestigious After-sale warranty service.
  • Enjoy a completely free product shipping policy by nationwide express delivery.

***View quality & cheap industrial endoscope camera products provided by GMGA at:

Sincerely thank you and look forward to serving you soon !

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Tips to buy Industrial Endoscope Camera

I. Find the right Industrial Borescope for your application Call the GMGA technical support hotline: (+84) 0845 969 336; for assistance finding the right industrial borescope inspection camera to meet your needs. GMGA professional technicians and experts will ask you specific questions about your application or project; and then recommend a suitable borescope camera product…

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