Warranty and return policy


All products purchased at GMGA Measuring and Analysing Equipment Joint Stock Company are fully warranted if the product has a manufacturer defect.

All products purchased at GMGA MEASURING are warranted through the transaction documents between the two parties. Therefore, if there is any change in warranty information; Please notify us for support to update the latest information. Through calling to: (+84) 845 969 336; or send email: info@gmga.vn.

The company refuses to provide warranty in case the product is damaged due to user’s fault. Such as slamming, throwing, using high temperature places, sudden temperature changes; and improper use of the product. . .

After the warranty period expires, if the product is damaged, GMGA MEASURING will still support the return policy at a discounted price. Small defects will be warranted by GMGA for free.


During 07 days:

  • If the product is defective due to the manufacturer, it will be returned for free.
    If the customer wants to exchange another product, the customer will bear the return shipping fee and 10% of the value of the product you want to exchange.

In the process of using the product, if the customer wants to sell or change to another product; GMGA Measuring and Analysing Equipment Joint Stock Company will facilitate support at a reasonable cost for customers.