Avenger II multifunction flaw detector

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Model Avenger II
Manufacturer NDT Systems
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Avenger II multifunction flaw detector

I. Specification Avenger II multifunction flaw detector

Outstanding features:

  • Super light, weighs only 800g
  • AWS Standards Compliant Code
  • Automatic 2 point calibration
  • Single-axis encoder scan
  • Standard A-Scan capture / 100 hours of UT . data recording
  • Analyze A-Scan and B-Scan data on device and PC
  • CE marking
  • Ruggedized-IP66 (Dustproof, high pressure water jet safe).
Avenger II multifunction flaw detector Avenger II

Multifunction flaw detector is built to adapt:

  • The Avenger II multifunction flaw detector combines a palm-shaped design and a weight of just 800 grams, allowing the Avenger II to distribute weight in the direction of the handle to maximize the efficiency of ultrasonic inspection.
  • One-handed operation makes it possible for the user to control the probe for thorough inspection. With the use of just a few keys, the operator can switch through menu navigation functions along with the operating system's menu architecture with ease. The 'Screen Rotation' or 'Swim' feature of the Avenger II Universal Flaw Detector is an added benefit to assist left (as well as right) users with inspections.
  • The Avenger II Vulnerability Detector includes a Micro USB connection for fast data transfers and a Micro SD Card Slot that allows data storage to be expanded up to 32 GB on demand. Additional standard features are an I/O port for single axis encoding, TTL input and output for external monitor alarms. The Avenger II features a high-capacity Li-Ion battery that provides 8 hours of continuous operation when fully charged.
  • Built-in analysis tools and reporting capabilities enhance the user experience and provide high-quality test data. The Avenger is designed to perform at a high level in all types of environments and meets American Welding Society (AWS) standards and other published guidelines and requirements. A set of accessories is available for the Avenger II that will meet or exceed the code requirements. This controller includes wedges, straight-beam and shear wave transducers, cables, and an AWS-compliant calibration block.
Avenger II ***View more GMGA Ultrasonic Detectors at: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/maintenance-equipment/defect-detector/

II. Specifications of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Avenger II

Physical / Case

Weight 1.76lb (0.79kg) with battery
Dimensions (H x W x D)

4.61 in. x 6.92 in. x 2.20 in. (117 mm x 176 mm x 56 mm)

Operating Temperature

32 °F to 131 °F (0 °C to 55 °C)
Connector type

LEMO (Size 00) 2 Nos.

Power Source

Power Source Lithium-Ion Battery pack 7.2VDC, 4AH, gives 8 hours continuous operation from fully charged battery

Input voltage 100 to 250 VAC. Charge status indicators provided.


Display type 5 Inch color wide VGA LCD/TFT display with higher resolution LCD for better signal representation and better visibility with different color sets
Display size

800 x 480 pixels, screen size 4.25 in. x 2.52 in. (108 mm x 64 mm)


Test Range 0.100 in. to 400 in. (2.5 mm to 10 meters) [in steel]. Fine mode adjustable in steps of 0.001/0.01/0.1 or 1 in. (0.01/0.1 or 1 mm).
Measurement Unit

Metric or Imperial unit of measurement is selectable.


Damping high/low is selectable

30 in. (120 mm) adjustable


40 in/millisecond to 600 in/millisecond (1000 m/sec to 15000 m/sec). Fine mode adjustable in steps of 0.1 in/ millisecond (1 m/sec).

100dB calibrated gain adjustable in 0.1,0.5, 1, 2, 6, or 14 dB steps


0 to 125% FSH

Full wave rectified with filtering


Broad Band amplifier 0.5 MHz to 15 MHz
Linearity Deviation

Vertical: +3 %, Horizontal + 0.5%

Test Mode

Pulse echo and Transmit/Receive
Update Rate

50 Hz

Other Specifications

Monitor Dual gate adjustable in 1% of Screen width with Positive/Negative Logic, Gate Expand modes
A-Scan memory

500 Trace Patterns can be stored (with Note/Detail), recalled, or transferred to PC via USB port. A scan trace patterns can be directly stored on SD card or USB disk.

USB and SD card

External USB disk and Micro SD card (up to 32GB) ports provided for data storage
Calibration Set-up

50 different calibration set-ups can be Stored and Recalled


Avengsoft Interface software for transferring A-Scan from AVENGER II to PC is supplied
Reference A-Scan

Reference A-Scan pattern of standard test object can saved and recalled in the background for easy comparison during testing

Echo Dynamics

Echo dynamic pattern display

Dynamic DAC curve can be digitally plotted (Smooth bolic curve) on screen with selectable offset curves from 0dB to 14dB in 0.5 dB selectable steps. DAC curve can be set as flaw monitor gate. Using minimum 2 to maximum 10 points.


Defect size evaluation using predefined probe settings and custom probe set-ups, ERS (Equivalent Reflector Size) can also be displayed on the screen

Built in Software for Evaluation of defects in accordance with AWS Specification D1.1.

Built-In UT Data

Carries out 100 Hours of continuous /Dynamic A-Scan and Recording. B-scan recording (in 8 GB SD Card) which can be replayed and analyzed in Machine as well as PC.
Color B-Scan

Real time Color coded Un-Encoded B-Scan along with A-Scan on the Screen which can be transferred to PC. Analysis of A-Scan and B-Scan can be done in the machine as well as on a PC.

Digital Readout

Thickness/Depth can be displayed in digital readout when using a normal probe and Sound path; Surface Distance and Depth are directly displayed when angle probe is in use.

III. Avenger II multifunction flaw detector as standard

  • Main unit ultrasonic flaw detector Model: Avenger II 10/20/30
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack MB-1 (7.2V 4AH)
  • AC-1 Charger / Power Adapter (100-250V 50Hz-60Hz)
  • Charging dock station for external charging ABC-1
  • 8GB USB Flash Drive with User Manual and Data Transfer Software
  • USB On the Go (OTG) cable for data transfer
  • Neck strap for extra protection
  • Pelican-style carrying case.

Avenger II multifunction flaw detector

***Learn more at: https://www.ndtsystems.com/product/avenger-ii/

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