Belt tension meter PCE-BTM 2000

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Model PCE-BTM 2000
Manufacturer PCE
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I. Specification of belt tension meter PCE-BTM 2000

Drive belt tension meter for fast and accurate measurement of belt tension / Memory for 750 measuring values / Graphic display / Easy operation / Multilingual menu / Measurement in Hz and N

Belt tension meter PCE-BTM 2000
  • The PCE-BTM 2000 Belt Tension Meter is an optical measuring maintenance tool for the determination of belt tension.
  • This belt tension gauge consists of a display device and sensor head mounted on a semi-flexible gooseneck.
  • The advantage of the gooseneck is that the sensor head can be flexibly positioned. Due to the mobility of the gooseneck, the sensor can measure tension even in hard to reach places.
  • This belt force gauge PCE-BTM 2000 is used to measure belt tension (in Newtons) and belt frequency (in Hz) at rest.
  • A small pulse on the belt is enough to set the belt vibrating. The belt tension meter measures with the sensor the natural frequency of the belt generated in this way and displays it on the screen. Belt Tension Meter can directly determine the actual tension (in Newton / Pound Force) of the belt; from belt frequency combined with optional belt length and belt mass. The units of measurement in the device can be converted between N (SI units) and pound force (US units). The measurement result is always displayed as the belt frequency in Hz on the display of the belt tensioner.
  • The intuitive graphical menu is displayed on the tension gauge's high-contrast display in six different languages.
  • The belt tension gauge's memory can store up to 750 data records.
  • The PCE-BTM 2000 belt force gauge is supplied completely ready for use.
  • The scope of delivery includes: handset, standard sensor with gooseneck, magnetic holder, battery and operating instructions.
  • For increased flexibility during measurement, the following items are optionally available for the PCE-BTM 2000 belt force gauge: external sensor head with spiral cable, instrument hard case, frequency mallet and tripod.

II. Application fields of belt tension meter

Belt tension meter PCE-BTM 2000 Belt tension meter PCE-BTM 2000 Belt tension gauge

  • The belt tension gauge can measure the belt tension of timing belts, ribbed belts and V-belts.
  • Belt tension meter in conveyor belt application. Belt tension is an important parameter for the maintenance, installation, setup and repair of belt drives. Belt tension must be regularly controlled during the entire run-time and adjusted if necessary to ensure the maximum possible life of all machine components within the belt's periphery.
  • Belt tension measurement is important in preload selection according to the forces being transmitted. Basically here apply; the greater the forces transmitted and the greater the conveyor speed during operation; the larger the preload forces must be chosen. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the belt tension is not set too high; because otherwise the bearings of the belt drives could be affected and at the same time; Increased belt wear can cause belt cracking. Also, belt tension that is too low can also cause damage when, for example, tooth slip or belt slippage occurs. Therefore, it is important to determine the belt tension or preload force with a belt tension meter. This can greatly reduce the tracking costs that occur due to deadlocks; and unplanned downtime caused by bearing damage or faulty belts.
  • Therefore, the use of belt tension gauges is suitable for the application; in the field of industrial production, motor technology, for stepper motors, in machine and tool making or in the field of maintenance and repair. This can greatly reduce the tracking costs that occur due to deadlocks and unplanned downtime caused by bearing damage or faulty belts.
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III. Specifications of belt tension meter PCE-BTM 2000

Measuring range

10 ... 900 Hz

± (1 % of rdg. + 4 digits)

Repeatability accuracy

± 1 Hz

<100 Hz: 0.1 Hz


>100 Hz: 1 Hz
Belt length

max. 9,999 m

Belt mass

max. 9,999 kg/m

750 measured values


15 sets of 50 measuring points
Menu languages

German, English, Spanish,


French, Italian, Dutch
Power supply   

3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries

Operating conditions

0 ... 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F; max. 95 % R.H.
Storage conditions

-20 ... 65 °C / -4 ... 149 °C; max. 95 % R.H.


150 x 80 x 38 mm / 5.9 x 3.1 x 1.4"

ca. 200 g / 7 oz incl. batteries

  ***Videos of belt tension gauges are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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