Concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis

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Model S680
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I. Specification of concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis

Concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis

Shaft alignment device S-680T application and tolerance is called very good:

  • When there is no room for error, proven time and time again to be the most accurate system; Easiest and most innovative to use today: S-680T. Get rid of Easy Easy systems; far from their name and don't buy into the hype of over-engineered and sky-high priced European laser systems. Users deserve the rich and easy-to-use options that the Stealth Alocate Laser Coaxial Aligner offers with more flexibility and lower prices!

Two models meet the user's budget:

  • With two models to choose from both S-680BT and S-680T; Both feature patented Dual-Beam™ PSD Detection Technology and 5-Axis Wireless Target.
  • S-680T Advanced package shaft alignment device; Our fully loaded shafts for the most demanding shaft alignment applications. S680 5 Axis Laser Coaxial Calibration Machine with Rugged Tablet 10; Full-featured software license; Upgraded stand; The base has a small diameter; Outdoor sunlight filter; and secure, sealed container.
  • The Concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis offers most of the advanced features of the S-680T. With the highest precision on the market; industry-leading graphics; Duo-Plane™ live scrolling display; wireless communication; and the powerful Couple Software; S-680BT & S-680T offer the best value in the shaft alignment industry.

Duo-Plane™ Live Move Screen - Simply the Best:

Laser S680 - 5 axis
  • Couple6 software to run on large screen tablets; sure to bring maximum convenience and convenience. It features the Duo-Plane™ Live Mobility Monitor; displays and updates values for both vertical and horizontal (4-axis) alignment planes.
  • The Couple6 also features an Easy-Guide™ approach to software navigation: simply open the software; select the file and couple6 will guide the user through the alignment and if necessary; Help text is just a click away. Continuously updated enhanced machine graphics show machine alignment as the user moves it.

Industry Leading Accuracy and PSD Sensor Range:

  • The industry-leading accuracy of the 5-axis S680 Series of Laser Coaxial Calibrators comes from Dual-Beam™ Technology; Patented for simultaneous deflection and angle measurement with a PSD (sensor). Thus, 50% of measurement error is eliminated when using 2 sensors (all other systems use 2 sensor sensors). Utilizing 33 mm ultra-linear electronics and advanced electronics to produce up to 15x better measurement accuracy than the competition's high-end systems.

II. Feature pack

Concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis

Technology: Dual-Beam ™

A. Kit S-680BT:
  • Hardware:

L-790 Laser & T-1290 5-Axis Wireless Target (both IP67); A-980 stainless steel frame for 1.5 - 6 (37mm - 125mm) shafts, including 1 set of 4 ″ (101mm) and 1 set of 8 posts (202mm); upgrade chain for shaft diameter from 1.5 (37.6mm) to 12 (304mm); and High Impact, Sealed Shipping Case A-812T

  • Couple6  Basic Feature Software License:

Auto Clock™, Auto Sweep™; Data analysis; Shaft Spacer (Jack), Soft foot test; Recommended tolerances; Heat Growth at Joint Calculator & Legs; User-defined tolerances; Vertical machine; Unlimited files storage based on SSD and USB capacity; & 6 couple report printing software

  • Upgraded display box for S-680BT:

R-1342T2 10 screens; The touch screen is readable in sunlight; Industrial Windows® tablets (with drop specifications equivalent to Mil-Spec 810G).

  • Optional software couple6 (not included):

Arc Mode™, Bolt Bound™; Point mode; Results Table & History; Pattern, Integral Swiping Mode™ and Vertical Machine Scrolling.

B. S-680T Kit:
  • Hardware:

L-790 Laser & T-1290 5-Axis Wireless Target (both IP67); The A-980 stainless steel upgrade set includes 1 deck of 4″ (101mm), 1 deck of 6″ (152 mm), 1 set of 8 posts (202mm) and 1 set of 12 posts (304 mm); upgrade chain for shaft diameter from 1.5 (37.6mm) to 12 (304mm); Sunlight narrow band filter and sealed unit A-812T; High Impact Shipping Case CTA

  • Full-featured software license of couple 6:

Arc Mode™, Auto Clock™, Auto Sweep™ Bolt Bound™; Data analysis; Point mode; Results Table & History; Soft foot tester; Recommended tolerances; Spindle (Jack); Sample, Thermal Growth at Coupling & Foot Calculator, Uncoupling Swipe Mode™; User defined tolerances; Vertical machine; Vertical scrolling screen; Unlimited file storage based on SSD and USB capacity; & Couples report printing software. Upgraded display box: R-1342T2 10 screen Touch screen readable in sunlight; Industrial Windows® tablets (with drop specifications equivalent to Mil-Spec 810G).

  • Optional display box:

R-1342T2UPG 10 screen Touch screen; industrial Windows® combination tablet/tablet PC (ATEX: II 3G Ex ic IIC T4 Gc & UL: Class I Division 2 Group A, B, C, D T4 A - Available)

  • Optional accessories for both S-680BT and S-680T:

Small diameter shaft bracket A-980B with chain magnet; Upgrade A-980A chassis; Non-rotating shaft bracket set A-980NRA 1 & 2 & A-980NRB, A-982 Magnetic stand, Offset stand A-980OF, Auxiliary chain A-980D; PS-5VODU-US USB AC Adapter; Light Shield A-1285A with Filter for Outdoor Use and Sealed Case A-812XLT, Outer Cover with Power.

III. The advantages of the laser shaft alignment device S680

S680 - 5 axis

The world's most advanced laser alignment technology:

  • For over 45 years, we have provided highly precise alignment systems for a wide variety of industries and applications. We started in the machine tool industry where tolerances are high and applications are difficult; and then 20 years later, we developed the world's first 4-axis alignment system. All that experience and knowledge went into the design of the wireless 5-Axis Axis alignment system on the S680 Laser Axis Alignment platform resulting in our most accurate and easiest to use tool. this kind. You will find no better or faster system on the market for quickly and accurately aligning your rotary gear.

Patented Dual-Beam™ technology reduces errors by 50%:

  • This groundbreaking technology allows you to simultaneously measure offset and angle with just one PSD sensor; which increases PSD accuracy by 50%. It also utilizes unidirectional laser beams (2 lasers, 1 direction) which make aligning the machines amazingly easy; especially on long distance applications. Dual-Beam™ technology also provides an incredible +/- 5 degree angle range plus 10x higher angular resolution than the highest angle tolerances. Result? More work done in less time. (And happier managers!)

Waterproof wireless Bluetooth® with the longest battery life in the industry:

Concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis
  • No cables to trip over or wrap around the shaft; Hamar Laser 5-axis S680 5-axis laser coaxial alignment machine platform makes a safer working area; while giving you the freedom to go wherever you need to - for 14 hours before recharging the battery. Our standard Bluetooth Class 1 wireless technology provides a communication range of up to 100 feet and for wet work environments; IP67 rated T-1290 Target can be submerged in water up to 3 feet and still transmit data!

33x13 mm Super Linear PSD Probe - 0.5 Micron resolution:

  • Industrial laser 2-axis PSD sensor; highest resolution super linear; offers 0.5 micron resolution and a measuring area of 33 mm (V) x 13 mm (H). An industry best.

Duo-Plane™ direct scrolling display for faster, easier sorting:

  • Duo-Plane™ live moving monitor and T-1290 5-axis target; allows you to simultaneously view the live alignment screen for both vertical and horizontal planes (4 axes) without having to rotate the axes. This is extremely important on large machine applications, where tightening bolts can cause lateral movement of the machine, requiring you to redo the alignment..

2x Faster Sort - Shim Once, Move Once:

S680 - 5 axis
  • Why would you trust a million dollar device in a cheap laser? The best demanding machinery the industry has to offer and the S680 5-axis Laser Coaxial Calibration machine platform is the mission. SuperDear PSD technology; 500 point linearization and latest electronic design reduce error rate to <0.15%; up to 15x higher than our competitors, giving you confidence that when the screen turns blue; The motor is aligned exactly as practicable. Higher accuracy also means better repeatability and more accurate shim calculations; so you don't have to constantly iterate. Shim once, move once!

Shows available software, so replacement is never a problem:

  • Hamar Laser's Concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis uses the familiar MS Windows® IP65 rugged tablet; Available from most computer stores. So there is no expensive proprietary display device to replace if damaged.

Navigating the Easy-Guide™ software makes everyone a genius:

  • Our couple6 software is as great as our hardware; features Easy-Guide™ navigation with a high-quality color display; Easy to follow - leads even novice users through each stage of alignment. And if you forget how to do something; Instructions are built right into the software - compare with our competitor's multisite cheats. With this easy-to-use software, training is only required for more complex applications.
Concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis   ***View more of Gmga's coaxial alignment equipment at:

IV. Specifications of concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis

Concentric coaxial alignment machine with Laser S680 - 5 axis  

V. Video

  ***See more videos of the device at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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