Digital UHF guide system Linkx TG-288


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Digital UHF guide system Linkx TG-288 is used very effectively for Workshops, Walking Tours, Factories, Museums, Historic Sites, Traveling Exhibitions, Commander Training, Hearing Aid. Bo-huong-dan-vien-du-lich-ky-thuat-so-uhf-linkx-tg-288-series

I. Specification UHF digital tour guide system Linkx TG-288

  • With revolutionary new design; The UHF Linkx TG-288 brings a new look to the eTour family and continues the success of the previous TG-200 series.
  • The UHF Linkx TG-288 audio guide kit uses new active noise cancellation (ANC) technology; to reduce unwanted ambient noise or sounds that disturb us from car engines, heavy equipment in operation, ventilation systems, noisy markets, etc.; and benefit the listener when the message is loud and clear.
  • UHF Linkx TG-288 has elegant appearance and comfortable grip, safe and stable transmission, clear digital sound quality, larger size LCD screen, thoughtful built-in microphone, User-friendly interface and many battery options.
  • External microphone and aux inputs on the transmitter (TG-288T or TG-288DT) and separate headphone and aux outputs on the receiver (TG-288R or TG-288DR) provide flexible group guidance application.
  • The Digital UHF guide system Linkx TG-288 can choose from rechargeable or disposable battery power options for a variety of applications with approximately 12-14 hours of runtime per charge. Chargeable via micro USB port and optional 2/12/35 slot charging cases.

II. General advantages of guide line UHF Linkx TG-288

  • Active noise cancellation (ANC); significantly reduces distracting background noise; and provides the receiver with a comfortable listening environment for areas with high ambient noise.
  • Individual microphone inputs and auxiliary inputs on the transmitter (TG-288T or TG-288DT). External multimedia connection (Mp3/smartphone); with aux input for wireless content transmission to the receiver (TG-288R or TG-288DR).
  • Convenient built-in microphone, so you don't have to worry about the external microphone being lost or suddenly damaged. Separate headphone output and aux level output on receiver. Connect the recorder to the aux output to record content
  • Optimized digital sound quality and reliable transmission
  • UHF Linkx TG-288 automatically synchronizes receiver channel with transmitter channel
  • Large bright LCD display shows channel number, mic/headphone volume, battery meter and receiver signal strength
  • Digital UHF guide system Linkx TG-288 with optional rechargeable AA battery
  • Energy Saving- The receiver (TG-288R or TG-288DR) will power off when no input signal is detected for 20 minutes. The system will power off when the transmitter is muted for more than 20 minutes.
  • Selectable lanyard and belt clip
  • The UHF Linkx TG-288D features a two-way duplex communication function that allows the receiver to talk in groups.

III. Outstanding features of the TG-288DT and TG-288DR two-way transceiver guide sets

  • Digital UHF System
  • High quality appearance design, 100% developed and manufactured in Taiwan, with Taiwan NCC and CE safety certification.
  • Two-way duplex communication function, transmitter continues to talk while allowing one of the receivers to talk in group in turn.
  • Light appearance and weight of only 50 grams or less (without battery)
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) design reduces sound and noise from the outside environment.
  • Optional disposable or rechargeable AA batteries, with the use of rechargeable batteries that can be charged via micro-USB or 2/12/35/60/70 proprietary high-quality charging slots depending on your needs.
  • The Linkx TG-288D Series can be used with a portable sync kit for quick channel sync setup in any Linkx charging bag.
  • Power-saving design: The transmitter will automatically power off after 20 minutes in mute mode, and then the receiver will also power off automatically.
  • The transmitter can use the built-in microphone in one-way mode and the receiver can use the built-in microphone in two-way mode.
  • Channel sync: When transmitter and receiver are connected, transmitter will change channel; the receiver will also automatically switch to the new channel, with a sync function.
  • The transmitter can quickly and automatically search for channels without interference
  • Interaction at a distance: more than 100 meters
  • The receiver goes into talk mode permanently. (Quick double-click on the recipient's talk button)
  • Individual microphone and aux inputs on transmitter and separate headphone and aux outputs on receiver.

IV. Specifications digital UHF guide system Linkx TG-288


TG-288        TG-288D

Overall System


500-952 MHz



22ms 35ms
Frequency response


THD at 1KHz

< 1.5% < 5.2%
Service coverage

Indoor: 100m

Outdoor: >150m

Operating temperature

-10 ~ 50℃

TG-288T Transmitter TG-288R Receiver TG-288DT Transmitter TG-288DR Receiver
RF output power 10 mW

10 mW

Receiver sensitivity

-88 dBm -88 dBm
3.5mm phone jack Mic in x 1 Earphone output x 1 (32Ω) Mic in x 1

Earphone output x 1 (32Ω)

Aux in x 1

Aux out x 1 (0Ω) Aux in x 1 Aux out x 1 (0Ω)
Microphone source Built-in & External Built-in & External


Input level

Mic: -35.5dBV

Mic: -35dBV

Aux: -25dBV

Aux: -20dBV

Front + & - buttons

Channel selector
Power button Power on/off and Mute Power on/off Power on/off and Mute

Power on/off


Ni-MH type "AA" 1.2V x 1

Alkaline "AA" 1.5V x 1

Battery life (approx.)   w/ 2600mAh battery

12 hr 14 hr 12 hr

The data has been measured using 1x AA NiMH 2600mAh rechargeable battery

Charging source

DC 5V Micro USB
Charging time

Depends on battery type and capacity

Charging current

250mA± 10%
Regulatory compliance



40(W) × 24(D) × 84(H)mm Antenna length not included

38.6 g (batteries not included)


Black frame Blue frame Grey frame

Red frame

Frequency-Channel Chart:

Frequency selection & No. of selectable channels Channel Grid 100 KHz

Frequency(MHz) Channel Frequency(MHz)



300 819.1-823.1 40
502-510 80 823-832



200 863-865 20
520-530 99 863-865 & 823-832



120 863-870 70
803.3-805.7 24 902-928



30 925-937.5 125
812-824 120 944-952


***Note: Other frequencies are available on request – please contact GMGA for assistance.

V. Charger for UHF Linkx TG-288

TC-02 (A)

  • Dual slot charger
Digital UHF guide system Linkx TG-288

TC-12 (A)

  • Handbag with 12 charging slots

TC-35K (A)

  • Charger case 35 slots
Digital UHF guide system Linkx TG-288

VI. Video

***Detailed product specification sheet: Digital UHF Tour Guide System One Way TG-288 & Digital UHF Tour Guide System Two Way TG-288D

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