DL4030 image size meter

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Model DL Series
Manufacturer Qiantong
Power supply
Condition Còn hàng
Warranty 12 tháng

I. Specifications of image meter DL4030

DL4030 image size meter

Quadratic attribute:

  • DL4030 image size meter utilizes optical principle, non-contact inspection measurement;
  • Apply all fields for the purpose of measuring 2 coordinates;
  • It is the best measuring solution for small, thin, soft parts;
  • Accurate measurements for points, lines, circles, angles and other elements;
  • Has powerful function for report output with high quality, economic and practical.

Hardware key features:

  • DL series image size meter has precise actuator design and can achieve rapid movement.
  • High precision marble base, stable and reliable column frame. 3) P-grade precision linear guide and v-type guide rail, with linear pitch pole.
  • SONY color CCD, has higher resolution measuring screen.
  • Contour light, surface light, coaxial light (optional) flexible illumination, high definition, extremely accurate measurement.

Introduction of software and functions:

DL4030 image size meter
  • Measuring element: measuring point, line, circle, angle, oval, rectangle measuring the specified point, automatically distinguishing points, lines, circles and arcs;
  • Element structure: center point, intersection point, midpoint, line segment, circle point, corner point;
  • Preset elements: point, line, circle, arc;
  • Graphics processing: coordinate transfer, workpiece alignment. Any axis alignment, reset coordinates;
  • Amplify graphics, reduce, translate, print, select, cancel and delete;
  • Install modification, reduce. The circle prints the selected and deselected graphic and cancels the graphic;
  • Set the gray scale, saturation, contrast of the image and save the image to
  • BMP format;
  • Multiple edge finding modes, the computer automatically selects the point, automatically identifies the circle and arc, and greatly improves the point selection speed;
  • DL4030 image size meter supports S-terminal input. The size is 640*480mm;
  • Measurement data can be sent directly to AutoCAD and graphics can be saved in a DXF document;
  • Measurement data can be sent to WORD, Excel. And it can do statistical analysis and draw simple Xbar-S control chart to be able to get Ca and other parameters. Besides, there are many kinds of languages ​​that can be changed.

Software screenshot:

  • 0 can install Z-axis grating: 2.5 . optical height measurement
  • More to install UK RENISHAW transducer: 3D dimension can be measured.
***Explore 2D & 3D image dimensioning devices at: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/measuring-device/dimension-measuring-equipment/image-and-video-size-measuring-equipment/

II. Specifications of 2D/3D DL4030 image size meter


DL2010 DL3020 DL4030


Stroke (mm

200*100*200 300*200*200 400*300*200 500*400*200
Shape size(mm) 525*677*9080 625*777*1080 725*877*1180


Working table size (mm)

360*260 460*360 560*460 660*560
Weight (kg) 220 kg 280 kg 350 kg

420 kg

Loading (kg)

20 kg 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Precision (um)

XY(3.0 + L / 200)μm **Z axis precision:5μm

Grating scale resolution

Guide rail

Taiwan HIWIN P grade


American TEO color industrial HD CCD
illuminant Rimming light

White LED,Brightness is continuously adjustable

Surface light

White LED,Brightness is continuously adjustable
Optical lens

Manual continuous doubling and electronic card position lens (optional)


Optical magnification: 0.7-4.5 image magnification: 30-225 times

90 mm


DL measurement software(DL manual)

Manual control

Work environment

Temperature:20℃±5℃ humidity:30-80% vibration﹤0.002g lower

220 V ± 10% ,50 Hz Reliable grounding for electrical equipment: grounding resistance less than 4 ohms


III. Video

  ***Watch more device videos at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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