Generator DC-300kHz PGA 1240

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Model PGA 1240
Manufacturer Schlöder GmbH
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I. General description of PGA 1240 precision power amplifier

  • Generator DC-300kHz PGA 1240 Schlöder is suitable for EMC tests according to IEC/EN 61000-4-16 in the predefined, DC to 300 kHz frequency range for all applications requiring variable signals. fast with high capacity.
  • The 250 W (800 W) power stage provides a maximum output current of up to 5 A (16 A) with a voltage gain of 10. The built-in function generator provides a sine, triangle, or square wave signal , amplified by the built-in power amplifier.
  • External signals can be added through an additional input. All functions of this transmitter/amplifier combination can be controlled via the supplied application software.
  • DC-300kHz PGA 1240 Generator - Automated Testers: Thanks to its excellent signal quality and remote control via USB interface, the PGA 1240 is the ideal choice for automated testing equipment. .
  • Low load resistance: The PGA 1240 is ideal for operation with low impedance loads (eg Helmholtz coils). Power loss is proportionally reduced by half of the operating voltage.

II. Specifics


  • The PGA 1240 generator provides 3 different waveforms: sine, triangle and square. The frequency resolution is 0.05 Hz from DC to 300 kHz. For all signal types, a common mode voltage can be superimposed.


  • A fully linear circuit design ensures the lowest distortion, no interference and high stability. Two different operating voltages optimize power loss for low impedance loads.

Safe device:

  • In addition to over-temperature amplifier and transformer shutdown, absolute current-limiting and power loss calculations ensure perfect short-circuit and overload protection.

Software control:

  • The scope of delivery includes application software that allows complete control of the PGA 1240 remotely via the USB interface. Integration into existing automated test systems is ensured by the disclosure of interface commands.
  • The amplifier can be configured so that it automatically turns back on after a pre-programmed time (1-255 seconds) in the event of a power failure or overcurrent shutdown.

III. Applications of Generator DC-300kHz PGA 1240

Tests according to IEC/EN 61000-4-16:

  • With the 61000-4-16, the PGA 1240 is designed for continuous disturbances (test levels 1 to 4 and X to 50V), for short term disturbances up to 300V, the PGA 1330 is required. Both devices can be operated independently and integrated into existing test systems. When testing for both permanent and short-term disturbances PGA 1240 and PGA 1330 are required and connected to each other.

Tests according to IEC/EN 61000-4-19:

  • The PGA 1240 can be used as a test generator for both differential voltage and residual current testing according to IEC/EN 61000-4-19 including Annex C (power meter). Since constant current is required as a noise signal and the PGA 1240 generates a voltage signal, an external multimeter (supporting SCPI) and a converter are required for tests according to Annex C. Multimeter Measure the voltage through the converter, the program calculates the current flowing and adjusts the output of the PGA 1240.

Tests according to IEC/EN 61543:

  • Tests according to IEC/EN 61543 are performed in the frequency range of 1 kHz to 150 kHz and require a constant current as the interfering signal. The PGA 1240 generates a voltage signal and therefore an additional multimeter and converter is required to meet the requirements of the IEC/EN 61543 standard. Multimeter measures voltage and calculates PGA 1240 program. current and voltage regulation.

General Applications Changeable 191812:

  • The generation and amplification of small signals to generate larger output signals is practically necessary in all fields of electrical engineering. The PGA 1240 is the ideal instrument here. Due to its excellent signal quality and remote control via USB interface, the PGA 1240 is the ideal choice for automated testing equipment.

Low resistive load:

  • The DC-300kHz PGA 1240 Schlöder generator is ideal for use with low impedance loads (e.g. Helmholtz coils). Power loss is proportionally reduced by half of the operating voltage.

may-phat-dien-dc-300khz     may-phat-dien-dc-300khz may-phat-dien-dc-300khz

***See more of Gmga's surge detectors and EMC measurement systems at:

IV. Specifications of the PGA 1240 precision power amplifier


  PGA 1240-5A                PGA 1240-16A
Frequency range

DC - 1 MHz (Small signal -3 dB)

Performance range

DC – 200 kHz
Slew rate

100 V/µs


± 1 mV (± 0.1 mV / °C)
Voltage gain

10 ± 0.1 % (± 0.01 % / °C) 

          [Option ultra stable gain: 10 ± 0.1 % (± 10 ppm/°C)]

Output voltage

50 Vrms  / ± 75 Vpeak

Output current

5 Arms / ± 7.5 Apeak         16 Arms / ± 24 Apeak
Klirrgrad (DC – 100 kHz, Last ≥ 4 Ω)

< 0.10%

Input impedance

100 kΩ
Output impedance

<< 1 Ω und 50 Ω

Max. Permissible input voltage

80 V (cont.), 100 V (< 1 min)
Broadband noise (10 Hz - 1 MHz, input 50Ω)

0.5 mVrms

Power loss (per side)

260 W (100 ms)              800 W (100 ms)
Mains voltage

230 VAC / 50 Hz

Remote control


Frequency range

DC, 0.05 Hz - 300 kHz; resolution 0.05 Hz

± 20 ppm


Sine, triangle, rectangle
Mechanical data

Dimensions (B x H x T)

449 mm x 133 mm x 436 mm 449 mm x 177 mm x 585.5 mm (4HE)



ca. 14 kg                 

  ca. 32 kg

  ***Videos of surge generators and EMC measurement systems are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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