How is GMGA’s product commitment ?

Thursday, 03.11.2022

GMGA MEASURING is committed to bringing to the market and providing customers with quality Products from famous brands in the world in the fields of Measurement, Analysis, Inspection, Process, Maintenance and Industry. etc. meet the quality requirements of the world.

All products GMGA Measuring and Analysing Equipment Joint Stock Company provides to customers are high quality products and ensure technical, aesthetic and quality. Committed to 100% new and unused products, genuine.

Products are supplied with full documents, quality inspection, certification of origin, import and export documents and other required documents.

Reasonable price and commensurate with the quality.

Minimum 12 month warranty, and in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.

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Friday, 09.12.2022

What is tree inspection technology ?

The PiCUS toolbox offers a wide range of diagnostic tools for advanced tree risk assessment. Thickness measurements of decayed or decayed tree remnants were performed using the PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and TreeTronic. To evaluate root stability, TreeQinetic load testing (or pull testing) is the best choice. In addition, the inclination of the root plate in…

Friday, 09.12.2022

What problem does the ultrasound test solve ?

1. The ultrasonic testing method allows the identification of a wide range of features and defects of the material under test. Let’s just focus on detecting internal vulnerabilities, among them are: Search and identify reflexes. Determine its location. Measure its size. Define its features (direction, type, etc.). 2. What is “reflective”? To understand better, let’s…

Friday, 09.12.2022

Is the Handheld methane gas detector suitable for Ethanol detection?

This is unlikely if it’s a standard Methane detector. Most portable Pellistor detectors have a filter fitted to protect them from contamination, as well as dirt, from entering the sinter. This filter will block or slow down the reaction with vapors such as Ethanol. Some products are available with an unfiltered version of the sensor.…

Friday, 09.12.2022

The gas/vapour I need to detect is not on your website. Do you have a product that will detect it?

GMGA MEASURING’s high quality Gas Detector products can detect a wide variety of gases and vapors and can sometimes meet both a gas and something out of the ordinary requirement. GMGA has these questions, it would be helpful if you could provide certain information: Gas or vapor you want to detect ? Exact full name…

Friday, 09.12.2022

My gas detector is not communicating with the PC app, what can I do ?

Sometimes things can get overlooked when trying to communicate with your gas detector, so here is a list of some simple steps to help you check: Do you have the correct software for the gas detector ? Is the software up to date ? Are you connected to the correct COM port ? Are you…