PCE-LCM 50 digital microscope

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Model PCE-LCM 50
Manufacturer PCE
Power supply
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Warranty 12 tháng

I. Specification PCE-LCM 50 digital microscope

Inspection microscope with user interface and video and image recording for image adjustment / Optical magnification is adjustable 1 ... 4x protection / Dust protection / Image sensor 1 /3" 3MP / Optimum illumination of samples due to LED Ring.

PCE-LCM 50 digital microscope
  • The PCE-LCM 50 inspection camera provides quick and easy enlargement of small objects. During analysis, the magnified image on the inspection camera can be saved by clicking directly on the supplied Micro-SD card and evaluated or sent to a PC for later analysis.
  • The magnification factor of the PCE-LCM 50 digital microscope ranges from 8.1 to 32.4 times. Thus, even smaller objects in the inspection camera can be magnified.
  • The fault light ring on the PCE-LCM 50 inspection camera includes 21 LEDs. The inspection camera also has another illuminator in the base for the transmitted light microscope.
  • Alternatively, the entire lighting can be individually placed in the PCE-LCM 50 inspection camera in 5 stages.
  • The digital brightness in the PCE-LCM 50 Digital Microscope can be set automatically as well as automatically. Due to the two lighting methods and the wide range of lighting installation options, almost any object to be analyzed can be optimally illuminated by the inspection camera..

A. Advantages:

  • Adjustable digital zoom
  • Handle for easy transport
  • User interface can be operated via PC mouse
  • Contrast disc and transmitted light disc
  • Optical magnification adjustment
  • Take a video and take a photo

PCE-LCM 50 digital microscope Inspection camera Inspection camera

B. Versatile Microscope

Inspection camera
  • The inspection microscope from GMGA MEASURING is a true all-rounder, where even small objects get bigger.
  • Compact inspection microscope is a combination of incident light and transmitted light microscope; and specially designed to explore the world of small things. The inspection microscope works precisely and combines a number of practical functions: it not only magnifies, but also provides optimal lighting and digital processing of the image.
  • During analysis, simply click on the magnified image on the inspection microscope; can be saved directly on the supplied Micro-SD card. The magnification factor of the inspection microscope ranges from 8.1 to 32.4. Unlike classical microscopes, inspection microscopes do not work with eyepieces.
  • Video microscopes transfer images directly to a digital display. This handy feature makes teamwork easier; and help develop more effective analytics and decision making. Through the built-in USB interface, the inspection microscope can be conveniently and easily connected to a PC.
  • The ergonomics of the video microscope are particularly advantageous: due to the display of the object being examined on the large color screen; Users can view and analyze images of the sample in a comfortable, upright position. In addition, compared to working with a conventional microscope, the user of the video microscope can move freely. Therefore, the inspection microscope is especially suitable for users who work with the microscope frequently or for long periods of time.

C. Light

  • To keep objects in the right light; Versatile inspection microscope with an incident light ring of 21 LEDs. Another illumination unit in the base of the video microscope facilitates the user of the transmitted light microscope.
  • In addition, the entire light of the video microscope can be individually set in five levels. The brightness of the inspection microscope can be controlled manually as well as automatically. With these two lighting methods and extensive adjustment options of exposure; An inspection microscope can illuminate almost any object to be analyzed. User interface can be operated via PC mouse.

D. Application area of inspection microscope

  • Inspection microscopes are especially suitable for analyzing and documenting materials in research and development. Inspection microscopes are also preferably used in quality control and for quality assurance, in production as well as in inspection and defect analysis. The inspection microscope ensures maximum reliability and accuracy.
  • The use of video microscopes is simple and effective; and is therefore suitable for both beginners and professionals. Its properties make the inspection microscope an ideal tool for repair and service workshops. Even inexperienced users achieve quick results due to the uncomplicated operation of the video microscope.
  • The inspection microscope is ideal for versatile on-site use as it can be connected via USB to a laptop or PC. This allows the test to be recorded live or to be accessible to a wider audience due to the connection of a large screen projector. For uncomplicated transportation, the inspection microscope has a practical handle and a protective case.
***See more inspection cameras from PCE at: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/measuring-device/microscope/

II. Specifications of the PCE-LCM 50 inspection camera

Optical zoom

8.1 ... 32.4x
Optical lens

1 ... 4x


0.3 times
Digital zoom

1 ... 10x

Max. object height

4 cm
Fixed working distance

90.5 mm

Image sensor

1/3", 3MP
White balance

Automatically or by pressing a button

Display resolution

1024 x 600 pixels
Frame rate

30 fps

Pixel size

2.75 x 2.75 μm

USB 2.0

Power supply power supply     

Primary: 100 ... 240V

Secondary: 12V, 1A

Illumination reflected light

Ring with 21 x 2- mA LEDs, 5 levels adjustable
Illumination transmitted light

7 x 20-mA LEDs, 5 levels adjustable

Environmental conditions

-5 ... 40°C / 23 ... 104°F, 45 ... 85% rh

300 x 225 x 270 mm / 11.8 x 8.9 x 10.6 in 


About 2.3 kg / 5.1 lbs

  ***Digital inspection camera videos are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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