BAS001 omnidirectional audio source

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Model: BAS001
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The BAS001 omnidirectional sound source is designed to generate omnidirectional sound fields to perform standards compliant measurements including: reverberation time (ISO 3382, ASTM E2235), building acoustics (attenuation) insert, sound absorption zone, etc.: ISO 140-4 ISO 140-3, ASTM E336, ASTM E90, DIN 55 210).


BAS001 omnidirectional audio source BAS001 omnidirectional audio source

I. Specification of BAS001 omnidirectional audio source

  • The BAS001 sound source is commonly used to saturate a room with a uniform sound field. High efficiency power amplifiers are available with no fan for cooling, allowing measurements in quiet environments, such as in reverberation time applications. The included carrying and shipping case is designed to provide reliable protection for the BAS001 bifacial loudspeaker under demanding conditions for many years.
  • Pairing the Larson Davis Model 831 sound level meter with the optional Echo Reverberation Time (831-RT) assists you in a variety of architectural acoustics applications ranging from simple experimental reverberation times to room performance, to the calculation of the absorption coefficient for the material performance. Most of the time, these measurements are regulated by various international standards.


  • The Model 831 measures decay and then calculates the reverberation time according to ISO 3382-2 or ASTM 2235-04. When using the Disruptive Noise method, the Model 831 not only enables data collection, but can also use the built-in Noise Generator to control an omnidirectional sound source. Recent trends suggest that the Integrated Pulse method is gaining popularity and the Model 831 handles the collection of decays and subsequent T20 or T30 calculations with complete and ease.
    • Used for ISO 140-4, ISO 140-3, ISO 3382, DIN55210, ASTM
    • Measurements comply with E90, E336, E2235, C426
    • High audio power level output
    • Audio isotropic source
    • Compact and lightweight amplifier available (BAS002E/U).

BAS001 omnidirectional audio source

II. Applications

  • Room acoustics: In situ reverberation time measurements
  • Construction of acoustic measurement
  • Soundproof
  • Evaluation of acoustic indicators for line loss of horizontal or vertical partitions
  • Scan response technique.

III. Specifications of BAS001 omnidirectional audio source



Sound Power

117 dB re 1 pW (not-equalized)

109 dB re 1 pW (equalized 50-5 kHz)

Sound Pressure Level

95 dB(Z) at 10 m
Operating Range

50 ~ 12.5 kHz


Amplitude Linearity

±2 dB from 50 to 5 kHz


20° at -3 dB



LAB – adjacent room:  ISO 140-3, ASTM E90

FIELD – adjacent room:  ISO 140-4, ASTM E336

Absorption Coefficient: ISO 354, ASTM C426

Reverberation Time: ISO 3382, ASTM E2235

Electrical, EMC & Safety

2002/95, 2002/96 and 2003/108/EC


2004/108/EC Directive

2002/96/EC WEEE (RAEE) Electronic Waste


2002/95/EC ROHS



     Dimensions (H x W x D)

370 x 370 x 390 mm (14.5 x 14.5 x 15.3 in)


24.5 kg (54 lb)

Carrying Case (CCS044)

     Dimensions (H x W x D)

370 x 370 x 390 mm (14½ x 14½ x 15¼ in)


7.7 kg (17 lb)

Speak-on Cable


10 m

0.7 kg (1.7 lb)

Supplied Accessories

Flight Case for Omni-directional Source

Technical Manual & User’s Guide

Signal Cable (speak-on to speak-on), 10 m

Optional Accessories


Heavy Duty Loudspeaker Tripod


Lightweight Power Amplifier

Directional Speaker (Façade)


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