Versatile ultrasonic flaw detector Avenger EZ-1

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Model Avenger EZ-1
Manufacturer NDT Systems
Power supply
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Warranty 12 tháng

I. Specification of Avenger EZ-1 versatile ultrasonic flaw detector

  • The Avenger EZ-1 NDT Systems Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a rugged, lightweight handheld ultrasonic flaw detector for everyday use in investment casting evaluation, in-service inspection, plastics. , turbine blade, tank, pipe and tube.
  • With multiport split screens for A-track and B-scan, Avenger provides accurate and reliable measurements for sizing sub-surface defects in any solid material.
  • On-board analytics tools and reporting capabilities enhance the user experience and provide high-quality inspection data.
  • The Avenger is designed to perform in all types of indoor and outdoor environments.
  • The Avenger EZ-1 NDT Systems all-in-one flaw detector designed for the American Welding Society (AWS) is available to meet or exceed established test criteria, allowing for code compliance testing with efficiency. maximum. This model includes AWS compliant wedges, straight beam and shear wave transducers, cables, calibration blocks, and AWS software that automatically calculates the D value.

Avenger EZ-1 NDT Systems Avenger EZ-1 NDT Systems Versatile ultrasonic flaw detector Avenger EZ-1 NDT Systems Versatile ultrasonic flaw detector Avenger EZ-1 NDT Systems Avenger EZ-1 NDT Systems


  • Standard package includes Avenger EZ-1 tool, Pelican-style shipping case, instruction manual, battery, and AC charger
  • Splitscan View - Simultaneous display of A-Trace and B-scan
  • Auto Tracking - Auto Tracking Zoom
  • Split A-Trace
  • Multi-port capability
  • Echo Peak Hold: fixed or unique time 'cascade' reset
  • Calibration-Range, Delay, Zero and Velocity
  • Possibility of exploration
  • Auto-recognition of selectable probes or libraries
  • Let it up
  • Backlight on / off / auto
  • Alarm Mode - LED Thickness High, Low or High/Low
  • Programmable User Setup
  • Encrypted B-scan, (optional scanner)
  • B-scan is time coded
  • Screen freeze mode, freeze and save
  • DAC- Distance Amplitude Correction- Optional
  • AWS- Compute- Optional.
Versatile ultrasonic flaw detector Avenger EZ-1 NDT Systems ***See more of GMGA's versatile flaw detection ultrasonic devices at:

II. Specifications of ultrasonic flaw detector Avenger EZ-1

Physical / Case

Weight 1.75lb (0.79kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D)

3.25in. x 7.00in. x 1.40in. (83mm x 178mm x 36mm)

Operating Temperature

14 °F to 122 °F (-10 °C to 50 °C)
Case Construction

Aluminum body, rubber end caps

Connector type

Lemo00 or BNC
Keypad Keypad construction

Tactile membrane feedback keys


Transducer type Single, Dual, Angle, Contact, Delay
Freq range

0.5MHz to 15.0MHz

Cable length

6ft (1.83m) standard
Power Source Power Source

3 or 6 NiMH Rechargeable AA batteries

Battery life

150 hours
Display Display type

Sunreadable backlit LCD, QVGA

Display size

240 x 320 pixels, 2.3in. x 3.1in. (66mm x 79mm)
Certification Certification

Factory Calibration


Warranty 1 year
Measurements Thickness range

0.005in. to 400.000in. (0.127mm to 10,160mm)

Units displayed

in. / mm

0.001in. (0.025mm)


8 damping levels 25-375Ohms

0 to 165in./μs (0 to 4,191.00mm/μs) at Full Range

Display Mode

RF, +HW, -HW, FW
Material Velocity Range

0.0490 to 0.9999in./μs (1.24 to 25.40mm/μs)

Acquisition Speed

Pulser/ Receiver

300 pulses per second


100 dB

Contact, IP-1st, 1st-2nd (permits thru coating, delay, bubbler, immersion)

IP Blocking, IF Blocking, IF-1st, 1st-2nd, Echo Blk, POS or NEG gating
Interface I/O


  ***Video of ultrasonic flaw detector is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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