Alignment and belt tensioning trainer KX-6550-ST

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Model KX-6550-ST
Manufacturer Seiffert Industrial
Power supply “AAA” Batteries
Weight 17 kg
Size 20 x 71 x 25 cm
Condition Stocking
Warranty 12 months

Belt tensioning and alignment trainer Seiffert KX-6550-ST of manufacturer Seiffert Industrial improves worker performance with superior belt tensioning and alignment training.

The Seiffert KX-6550-ST is a special tool for aligning pulleys and training proper belt tension. Seiffert KX-6550-ST was developed for the needs of professional instructors, and training.


I. Specification of Seiffert KX-6550-ST belt tensioner and pulley alignment trainer

  • The Seiffert KX-6550-ST Belt Tension and Pulley Alignment Practice Kit features a robust A-Frame assembly - with a durable powder-coated finish.
  • Solid black anodized base, adjustable shaft centers for different belt sizes along with laser engraved, 12”-14” and 14” -16” reference lines.
  • 1” diameter 304 stainless steel shaft with precision bearings, jack bolts, rubber feet and knob lock to keep the shaft from rotating.
  • Seiffert KX-6550-ST Alignment and belt tensioning trainer includes belt and pulley.

Seiffert KX-6550-ST  - Professional training package:

  • The KX-6550-ST-TB is a complete training package for laser alignment and belt tension training.
  • This Seiffert KX-6550-ST-TB professional training package includes the KX-6550-ST and Seiffert's very popular Belt Installation & Maintenance Toolbox. Tool Box includes a Pulley PRO laser pulley alignment tool, Sonic Belt Tension Meter plus a wide range of accessories to help users perform professional all-round training and sessions.

KX-6550-ST-TB belt installation and maintenance toolbox including belt tensioning and alignment training machine:

Technical data of Alignment and belt tensioning trainer KX-6550-ST

Approximate Size

28.0″ L x 8″ W x 10.0″ H

Approximate Weight

37 lbs


Powder Coat Yellow Paint Finish

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