Bioreactor with stirrer

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Bioreactor tank small scale Esco BioXcell ® with stirrer


The bioreactor system in a stirring tank has been around for a long time, since the beginning of the culture of different agents such as cells, enzymes or antibodies. Bioreactor tank small scale Esco BioXcell ® with stirrer is a stirrer bioreactor for small scale research and development applications, available in single or multiple use vessels.

Stirred tank bioreactor Esco StirCradle™


Stirred tank bioreactor Esco StirCradle™ is a benchtop bioreactor/fermenter for microbial culture. By combining the vessel, workbench, controller and peristaltic pump into one integrated system, this patented system provides the greatest power efficiency for a small area.
  • Temperature control
  • Anti-foam condition
  • Speed control
  • Feed conditions
  • pH control
  • DO control
  • Air control.

Fermentation bioreactor system Esco StirCradle™ -Pro


Fermentation bioreactor system The all stainless steel Esco StirCradle™ -Pro is designed with an automated 5-step cycle SIP system for both culture media and reactors. Esco VacciXcell offers a wide range of StirCradle™ -Pro large scale bioreactor capacities from 20L to 1000L. However, custom reactor sizes are available if the user requires a custom bioreactor for large-scale cell culture.