DC bias current source MICROTEST 6220 (20A)

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Model 6220
Manufacturer MICROTEST
Power supply 88-264Vac
Weight 15 Kg
Size 337 x 145 x 525 mm
Condition Stocking
Warranty 12 months

DC bias current source 6220 (20A) from manufacturer MICROTEST provides a single output current of 20A.

I. Specification of DC bias source MICROTEST 6220 (20A)

DC bias current source MICROTEST 6220 (20A) is designed for performing magnetic saturation current (Isat) and temperature rise current analysis (Irms) on inductors.

To conduct such analysis, you have the option to purchase the system along with the 6632 Impedance Analyzer.

  • For the 6632 Impedance Analyzer, it has a frequency range of 100Hz-3MHz and can handle a maximum output current of 120A using 6 units.


Main features of MICROTEST 6220:

  • Current and frequency graphic scanning analysis
  • Temperature-rising scan function can solve the problems of overheating a DUT to burn
  • DCR Measurement function
  • Long-term consecutive maximum power output
  • Interchangeable bi-direction current function
  • Frequency response
  • 100Hz-10MHz (With DC Bias Current 6223/6243), 100Hz-30MHz (With DC Bias Current 6225)
  • DC Bias Current Max.320A (6243)
  • Direct Handler interfaces control through LCR power meter.


  • Components: High current power inductor, common mode choke, mini molding choke, high power components of EV charging connector
  • Electric Vehicles: Electric supercharger system.

II. Key features of DC bias current source MICROTEST 6220 (20A)

How DC bias current helps inductor testing?

  • Ferromagnetic materials (like iron) are composed of microscopic regions called magnetic domains. The stronger the external magnetic field H, the more the domains align, yielding a higher magnetic flux density B. Eventually, The magnetization remains nearly constant, and is said to have saturated. The domain structure at saturation depends on the temperature.


What is magnetic saturation?

  • In electronic circuits, transformers and inductors with ferromagnetic cores operate nonlinearly when the current through them is large enough to drive their core materials into saturation. This means that their inductance and other properties vary with changes in drive current. In linear circuits this is usually considered an unwanted departure from ideal behavior.
  • Magnetic saturation current is called Isat, and the temperature rise current is called I rms. When the transformer and the inductor pass a large current in the actual circuit operation, the magnetic field of the magnetic core will produce magnetic saturation, which will cause the inductance characteristic to decline. Therefore, the R&D engineer will set the current value of the inductance reduction allowable range.


Option 6632+6243 DC bias curretnt test system:

  • Supports magnetic saturation current analysis measurement function.


Isat (Magnetic saturation current curve):


Irms (Rated current curve):


Control inductance:

  • Using a DC Bias current source to apply a 200A bias current to the inductor, the inductance decreased from 2.06983uH to 1.02845uH.


Equivalent circuit analysis (Option):

  • It has seven different models, combine with different types of parameters ( R, L, C) help customers model the impedance versus frequency characteristics and self-resonant frequency (SRF).


Magnetic Material Test Fixture (FX-0000C8):

  • Using the magnetic material test fixture for measuring of permeability of various toroidal cores or ferrite cores and electromagnetic shielding coating materials, 6632 built-in formula to directly calculate the permeability coefficient value μr.
Dc-bias-current-source-microtest-6220-20a Dc-bias-current-source-microtest-6220-20a


List mode:

  • 50 groups of list mode setting (Each group contains up to 15 steps).


III. System selection MICROTEST 6220 DC bias source

DC Bias Current Source



DC Bias Current Max.


units of the DC Bias


Power consumption

320W Max.

Output Current (unit)


Option LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer


Option LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer

Frequency Response



Technical specifications of DC bias current source MICROTEST 6220 (20A)

DC Bias Current Source


 Accuracy (6632)

0.000A-1.000A 1%+5mA

1.001A-5.000A 2%

5.001A-20.000A 3%

DCR Test

Constant power output

Current switch



   Power Supply

Voltage: 88-264Vac

Frequency: 47-63Hz


Temperature: 10℃-40℃

Humidity: 20-90%RH


337x145x525 mm (W*H*D)/6220


15 Kg (6220)



RS-232, Handler

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