Rocker Laboratory Esco CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C


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Rocker Laboratory Esco CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C - Your desktop versatile cell culture device

I. Specification Rocker Essco CelXrocker™ multifunction benchtop cell culture machine

  • On a small scale, this Esco CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C Rocker laboratory shaker is suitable for mimicking the Tidal Motion principle of the alternating contact of cells in a macro carrier with environment and air. Rocker operation is adjustable in speed, top and bottom delay, and tilt angle via touch screen and user-friendly control box.

Tides in motion in CelXrocker ™:

[video width="600" height="400" mp4="áy-nuôi-cấy-tế-bào-da-năng-dể-bàn-Rocker-Essco-CelXrocker-™-CXR-1-280X300-C_01.mp4" autoplay="true"][/video]

The advantages of Rocker culture chamber Esco CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C:

Anti-slip surface:
  • Items on the surface of the CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C laboratory vibrator remain in place during shaking
Activity with or without time:
  • Allows the user to control the monitoring of the mixing cycle
Tilt angle adjustable:
  • Adjustable to prevent bottle or tube slipping, wetting and overflowing, and suitable for different mixing styles
Adjustable upper and lower delay:
  • The principle of tidal motion can be used through time delay at the end of each incline
Vibration speed is adjustable:
  • Adjust the speed to the desired mixing and to mimic the speed of the tides
Manipulation via control box:
  • Allows monitoring and tuning without disturbing the laboratory regulator, so the setup can be located in a controlled environment.
Rocker Laboratory Esco CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C Applications Esco Rocker CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C:
  • Tidal motion test of the carrier BioNOC™ II
  • Small-scale cell culture using macrocarriers
  • Tests require side-shaking mechanism
  • Absorb, hybrid, dye and destroy.
Rocker Laboratory Esco CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C ***You may be interested in the GMGA nucleic acid extraction system - Esco Vietnam:

II. Specifications Rocker Laboratory Esco CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C


2D rocker
Overall dimension (WxDxH)

300 mm x 280 mm x 116.6 mm (platform at 0º)

300 mm x 280 mm x 163 mm (platform at 20º)

Motor type

DC motor

Shaking motion

Speed range

1-30 rpm

Tilt angle

±20 degrees
Platform size (WxD)

300 mm x 280 mm

Platform mat

Non-slip silicone gasket
Max load capacity with platform

13 kg

Eletrcial requirements

100-240 V, AC, 1Phase, 50/60Hz, 3 amperes

Operation type

Continuous or Tide

Experiment time

Infinite or timed


Stainless steel (AISI304 grade)

Rocker Laboratory Esco CelXrocker™ CXR-1-280X300-C

CelXrocker™ in CO2 incubator:

esco-celxrocker-cxr-1-280x300-c esco-celxrocker-cxr-1-280x300-c esco-celxrocker-cxr-1-280x300-c

***Detailed product specification sheet: CelXrocker™ Laboratory Rocker.

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