Rockwell hardness tester NOVOTEST TB-R

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Model TB-R
Manufacturer NOVOTEST
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I. Specification Rockwell hardness tester NOVOTEST TB-R

  • Rockwell NOVOTEST TB-R hardness tester with metal hardness testing method based on resistance test specimens.
  • The Rockwell NOVOTEST TB-R hardness tester is very reliable; This Analog Hardness Tester is easy in operation and servicing. The operator can directly see the hardness measurement results on the dial of the tester.
  • The Rockwell TB-R hardness tester is a kind of rigid rack fixed hardness tester. The Rockwell TB-R hardness tester allows users to measure hardness values ​​using three hardness scales (HRA, HRB, HRC) with loads of 60, 100 and 150 kgf. The device has a diamond-shaped head that is conical with a 120-degree apex inclination and a 1/16-inch (1.5875 mm) grain size.
  • The Rockwell NOVOTEST TB-R hardness tester is equipped with tables to be used for different types of objects. It is supplied with large and small flat tables, and V-shaped anvils. In addition, the Rockwell TB-R hardness tester is also equipped with three Rockwell hardness standard blocks for testing or calibrating the tester.
  • The measuring range can vary from 20 HR to 100 HR (depending on scale). The device's design features allow users to test objects up to 17 cm vertically and up to 13.5 cm horizontally, maximum height of test objects - 200 mm.
  • The Rockwell TB-R Analog Hardness Tester performs direct indentation according to the Rockwell hardness test method according to ISO 6508-2 and ASTM E18.
Rockwell hardness tester NOVOTEST TB-R

II. Application

  • The Rockwell TB-R Mechanical Hardness Tester can be used for:
    • Hardness test of products made of steels, such as smelted cast iron and all kinds of alloys, stainless steel and others; smelted iron and all kinds of alloys
    • Manufacture of calibration test blocks, which can be used to calibrate hand-held hardness testers.

III. Standard package

  • Rockwell hardness tester NOVOTEST TB-CHEAP
  • Rockwell Cone Diamond Tool (120°)
  • Rockwell hard alloy steel ball (d = 1.5875 mm)
  • Weight A, B, C (3 pcs. Total)
  • Large test board (150 mm)
  • Medium test panel (60 mm)
  • V-shaped lab table
  • Rockwell hardness test block (total 3 pieces):
    • HRB: 90 ± 10 - 1 cái.
    • HRC: 65 ± 5 - 1 cái.
    • HRC: 25 ± 5 - 1 cái.
  • Operating manual
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Shipping Box.
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IV. Specifications of Rockwell hardness tester NOVOTEST TB-R


Conical diamond indenter (120 °): diamond tip as a cone with 120 degrees of the cone apex angle and the bead size of 1/16 inch (1.5875 mm)

20-88 HRA

20-100 HRB

20-70 HRC

Initial testing load(accuracy ±2%)

98,07N (10kg)
Testing load (accuracy ±1%)

588,4N (60kg)

980,7N (100kg)

1471N (150kg)

Measuring time

5~60 sec
Testing materials

Cemented carbides, thin steel and shallow case hardened steel

Steel, hard cast irons, pearltic malleable iron, titanium, deep case hardened steel & other material harder than HRB 100

Thin steel and medium case hardened steel and pearlitic malleable iron

Max height of test sample

200 mm

(can be produced another model up to 400 mm)

Max depth of test sample

165 mm
Data output

Dial indicator

Recommended operating conditions

Air temperature: 0…+40 °С

Air pressure: 94 – 106.7 kPa

Humidity: up to 65%

Net weight

55 kg

Gross weight

65 kg
Package dimensions

630*500*860 mm (L*W*H)

  ***Videos of Rockwell hardness testers are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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