Automatic image meter AMP430

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Model: AMP430
Manufacturer: AUSKY
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AMP430 automatic imager with easy to learn and understand machine operator interface, efficient and convenient measurement. It has a wide range of processing functions such as SPC automatic report generation, image analysis, etc., which can be applied to all areas of application for measurement purposes.

This measuring instrument integrates advanced optical imaging, precise structure and rapid data processing technology. Perfect optical system, computer image and professional automatic measurement software processing system can not only make precise measurement of point, line, circle, diameter, radius, angle and so on. but also can realize batch automatic detection, to complete the whole detection and full measurement with high quality and speed.


I. Specification of Automatic image meter AMP430

Automatic image meter AMP430

Features of measuring instrument:

  • The AMP430 automatic imager meter is a fully self-contained measuring instrument for large-scale, rapid and automatic measurement for the global industry..
    • Using high-precision granite structure, difficult to deform, high stability, beautiful.
    • Imported high-precision grid system.TEO CCD high resolution.
    • Imported high-grade precision linear guide P and high-precision ball screw transmission.
    • Imported Panasonic servo system, high precision, high efficiency, high stability.
    • Partition adjustment of LED light source, available for multi-directional projection.
    • CNC software controls the controller, Auto focus, Auto zoom ratio conversion, Auto edge detection, Auto light sensing, Auto measure, High efficiency assurance.
    • Configured with industry leading proprietary measuring software.
    • Integrated overall design.
    • Configured with imported RENISHAW high precision contact type probe group. Configured with high-precision laser meter, programmable automatic coaxial composite image/probe/laser.

Structure of the device:

  • The AMP430 automatic imager is designed with a workbench with a marble table base and a cantilever mechanism, the instrument is characterized by stable accuracy, good adaptability to the working environment. , simple, robust, never deformed, and beautifully and ergonomically designed sensory structure, and equipped with powerful and easy-to-operate measuring software.

Movement mechanism:

  • This 2D & 3D image measuring instrument is provided with three-axis automatic control and equipped with imported precision optical grid system, Japan Panasonic servo high efficiency motor system, Taiwan TBI screw , Taiwan HIWIN high precision guide rail as well as professional measuring software for measuring.

Advantages with automatic measuring instruments:

  • This CNC video image dimensioner AMP430 can avoid human error for “Workpiece” caused by manual measurement, and also can avoid secondary damage caused to “Workpiece” by manual measurement, with guaranteed mass stability and object criterion consistency. This tool can greatly improve detection efficiency during production, identify defects, and control failed products before they enter the production process, and can help reduce part costs for manual detection and increased timeliness of delivered product.

Scope of application:

  • The AMP430 automatic imager can be used for dimensional accuracy measurement of Aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding, scientific research and teaching, electronics, hardware and plastics, stamping plates precision metal, screen printing plate, acrylic sheet, LCP film, PCB board, LCD\TFT, glass coating sheet, TP, frame of extra-large LCD, die cutting, backlight module group, as well as for auxiliary measurement such as graphic reverse engineering R&D, design, drawing editing, laboratory testing, etc.

Configure the main function of the device:

  • This image dimensioner is used with professional auto measuring software AUSKY, Aocheng special controller, MEAN WELL power supply, Panasonic servo motor drive system, TEO color 650TV CCD, resolution PMS 0.7–4.5 times high resolution exceptionally high -definition Auto-zoom and fixed focus screen optics, LED partition program control light source, imported Nidec patch grid system High precision, calculator, LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and digital measurement.

General achievement:

  • The instrument is suitable for measuring different applications, complex dimensions and high measurement accuracy requirements, with even easy and fast measuring efficiency and improved measurement efficiency.
  • This image measuring instrument has the advantages of image processing: automatically skips ridges, automatically generates measurement reports and results statistics, and opens to link with printers, etc., suitable for Wide industrial application.

Cost savings:

  • This AMP430 CNC video meter can achieve multiple functions on the same instrument, saving users the cost of repeated purchase of measuring equipment as well as saving on labor cost and equipment space. It can meet the needs of user enterprises for further growth in the future and the need to rapidly expand product testing to create a solid foundation for users’ quality assurance.

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II. Specifications of the AMP430 automatic image size meter

Paramter and Model



Platfom Size(mm) 720X480
Glass Table Size(mm)


Load-Bearing Weight(kg)

Travel X axis(mm)


Y axis(mm)

Z axis(mm)


Image and Measurement System

Display Resolution(mm) 1/0.5(Optional)
Instrument Precision(um)


Imaging System(CCD)

TEO HD color
Zoom Objective(X)

High Precision Automatic Zoom Lens Program Control

Total Video Magnification(x)

Working Distance(mm)


Light Source

LED Programmable Partiton Light Source(Coaxial Light Source Optional)
Outline Dimension(mm)



Power Supply

220V AC 50HZ,110V AC 60HZ


III. Video


***See more product videos at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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