SESD 2910 30kV ESD test system

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Model SESD 2910
Manufacturer Schlöder GmbH
Power supply
Condition Còn hàng
Warranty 12 tháng

I. Specification of SESD 2910 30kV ESD test system

SESD 2910 30kV ESD test system
  • ESD SESD 2910 30 kV test system for testing igniters according to: EN 13763-13, VG 95378-11 and ISO 10605.
  • The ESD SESD 2910 30kV Schlöder test system was specially developed to detect the immunity of electrical ignition and ignition devices (EEDs) to electrostatic discharge pulses. Electrostatic discharge simulation test system as defined in EN 13763-13, March 2004 and in standard VG 95378-11, May 1997.
  • This generator is also suitable for testing electrical ignition devices in the automotive industry - for example airbags..
SESD 2910 30kV ESD test system ***See more of Gmga's ESD electrostatic simulator at:

II. Specifications of ESD SESD 2910 30kV electrostatic simulator

Technical data SESD 2910

Output voltage

1 kV to 30 Kv
Output voltage polarity

Polarity positive and negative

Test mode

Air and contact discharge
Polarity changeover

Automatic, via button

Capacity modules

See modules / accessories
Resistance modules

See modules / accessories

Repetition frequency of the discharge pulses

1/5/10/30 sec. With relay / contact discharge
Preset counter

1 - 9990

Safety circuit:

Connection for safety switches and warning lamps red / green. The high voltage is discharged internally within 50 ms as soon as the safety circuit is interrupted (protective hood or external safety switch)
Mains connection

230 VAC, 50 Hz, 3A 110 VAC, 60 Hz on request



34.2 cm (¾ 19inch)

26.5 cm (6 U)


38.0 cm (without handles)

Approx. 20 kg

  ***Video of the ESD test system is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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