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Wednesday, 09.03.2022

Coating thickness gauge – All about coating thickness gauge/tester – Advice for buying a coating thickness gauge

What is coating thickness measurement?

Ultrasonic coating thickness measurement

  • Coating thickness measurement is the determination of the layer depth of a coating or film on a particular substrate. Coating thickness can be measured when the film is wet or dry. However, non-destructive coating thickness measurements must be made when the film or coating is dry.
  • The substrate is usually ferrous metals (eg steel or iron); or non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminum or copper). In some cases; Coating thickness must be measured on non-metallic substrates such as wood, glass or plastic. In these cases; An ultrasonic coating thickness gauge should be used, as traditional dry film coating thickness gauges use electromagnetic or eddy current measurement techniques.
  • Most current or magnetic coating thickness gauge ultrasonic products have dual purpose; which means the gauge is suitable for measuring coating thickness on both ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. These versatile coating thickness gauges typically offer a wide measuring range.

Accurate coating thickness measurement ultrasonic machine:

Ultrasonic coating thickness measurement

  • Accurate, affordable coating thickness gauge and tester. Thickness gauge. surface inspection; and membrane measuring device; Used for material inspection, production quality control and automotive paint inspection.
  • Choose the appropriate thickness tester from among the wide range of gauges. mil meter or paint meter product; used for non-destructive measurement of non-magnetic coatings, insulation and dry film thickness (DFT); on ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals such as steel and aluminum.
  • Coating thickness gauges are an essential quality assurance tool when anodizing, galvanizing and applying zinc coatings to metal surfaces.
  • A coating thickness gauge is also used to measure paint thickness and uniformity on pre-owned cars; expose repaint spots; identify potential damages and expose undisclosed accidents.
  • This test result is important when determining the true value of a used car. In addition, certain types of thickness gauges can measure wall thickness; and determine the hardness of metal, plastic and glass.
  • To measure powder coating thickness; a good rule of thumb is to use an electromagnetic or eddy current thickness gauge on a powder coated metal base. Use the ultrasonic thickness gauge on powder coated non-metallic surfaces such as plastic and wood.

Where are coating thickness gauges used?

Ultrasonic device for measuring coating thickness

  • Coating thickness measurement is commonly used and routinely performed in the automotive industry. Application of coating thickness measurement in automotive manufacturing and manufacturing processes; Coating thickness gauges are used to determine if there is enough paint or gloss for various parts and surfaces. Car dealerships, auto body shops, and auto insurance claim investigators also use coating thickness gauges; to identify variations in car paint job that signal previous accidents.
  • Alternatively, a coating thickness gauge can be used to check the application and wear of a corrosion protective coating on metal (e.g., hot-dip galvanized zinc on steel beams).
  • Therefore, a hand-held coating tester or layer thickness gauge is a valuable tool; used by building inspectors, bridges, tankers, gas pipelines and petrochemical plants; for corrosion monitoring.
  • If you have questions regarding a particular application; The friendly and knowledgeable technical support team at GMGA MEASURING will assist you in selecting the right ultrasonic coating thickness gauge for your intended use. Just contact us: or (+84) 0845 969 336. All choices are simply at your fingertips!

Selecting an integrated sensor or an external sensor probe required?


  • The ultrasonic device’s sensor for measuring coating thickness can be found inside the device or in a separate transducer.
  • Coating thickness gauges with built-in or internal sensors are ideal for quick on-site measurements in the field or on the production floor. Ergonomic design; coating thickness gauges are usually pocket-sized; or designed for easy portability. A Coating Thickness Gauge with an external sensor probe is better for measuring in small spaces with limited access.

Memory storage and data transmission required?

  • Some Coating Thickness Gauges come with memory to store measurement data.
  • When the memory is internal or built into the device; Saved measurement data can usually be transferred to a computer via the USB port or RS-232 interface.
  • In addition to the connection cable, software may be required for data transmission. Please review the specifications of each coating thickness gauge CAUTION; prior to purchase to ensure all necessary components are purchased.

Customer service reviews and technical support?

Ultrasonic coating thickness measurement

  • This is another important point to keep in mind.
  • Learn the proven supplier history in the business. The longer the company’s history; the more likely it is that you will be able to order spare parts several years after purchasing your coating thickness gauge.
  • GMGA MEASURING has been operating for many years in the field of providing Measurement equipment in general and Coating thickness measuring equipment in particular.
  • Also, find out what kind of technical support will be available to you. Call GMGA MEASURING (+84) 0845 969 336; talk directly to the technical support team for advice before buying; and judge for yourself the level of service we provide to you.

What is your budget rating?

  • The budget for the device is also something to consider.
  • Calibration costs are common when using coating thickness gauges. For example, if you need to meet the requirements of an ISO quality standard; normal calibration intervals should be observed. ISO calibration costs can occur at the time of purchase and repeat annually or even semi-annually; depending on your exact needs and use of the coating thickness gauge.
  • It is also possible that recalibration becomes necessary later; due to sensor drift that may be encountered over time. Items like batteries (rechargeable) should also be included in your calculations.

At GMGA MEASURING – We answer and satisfy all your Technical / Options / Cost inquiries regarding the purchase of a Coating Thickness Gauge

  • GMGA MEASURING AND ANALYSING EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY – Is a TECHNICAL – TRADE company. With its many years of experience and reputation; we are confident that we can give you technical advice on coating thickness gauges; help you choose a suitable coating thickness measuring device – quality and genuine.
  • Not only that, GMGA MEASURING also makes you Satisfied and Peace of Mind about the Price – We are committed to always the cheapest price in Vietnam market.
  • Please call GMGA immediately via Hotline: (+84) 0845 969 336; or Email: – We are always ready to welcome and support customers 24/7.

***You can also visit the WEB site: ours; to refer directly to the QUALITY products GMGA MEASURING has been providing.

Or watch more surface coating thickness gauge videos at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

CThank you, look forward to serving you soon!

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