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Real-time PCR thermal cyclers Esco Swift™ ProGene SWT-PG-96


PCR thermal cyclers Real-time Esco Swift™ ProGene SWT-PG-96 provides a system for efficient nucleic acid amplification in vitro, while also providing real-time monitoring of PCR reactions. These Esco Swift™ ProGene SWT-PG-96 Real-time PCR thermal cyclers also provide the ability to quantify and estimate sample initial concentrations. These features allow use in a wide variety of applications for molecular biology.
  • Provides 6-zone independent temperature control for precise results
  • Fast heating/cooling speed for faster run time
  • Low energy consumption
  • Built-in PC for standalone operation from PCR program input, monitoring, to analysis
  • Touch screen
  • Multiple configurations (quantitative analysis, SNP and HRM)
  • 5 standard channels plus additional channels for user customization, allowing specific detection of specific wavelengths
  • Automatic insertion and ejection of PCR plates or tubes into the system.