Ultrasonic material thickness gauge

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EMAT thickness gauge NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA

Model: UT-3M-EMA

The NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA EMAT Thickness Gauge is a new development that allows users to solve not only the standard tasks of checking the thickness of metal products, but also performing super tests. piezoelectric, laser-optical, X-ray, mechanical, etc. - to which the respective models do not apply.

Mini ultrasonic flaw detector NOVOTEST UD2303


The NOVOTEST UD2303 mini ultrasonic flaw detector is a compact version of the industrial flaw detector with a set of functions and modes designed to simplify as much as possible the routine product quality control process.

Thickness gauges ultrasonic NOVOTEST UT-1M-IP


The NOVOTEST UT-1M-IP Ultrasonic thickness gauge is a special version of the ultrasonic thickness gauge, the UT-1M-IP designed to measure the thickness of various materials and products, in any difficult climatic conditions - in dusty, high-humidity rooms, in the rain - when the use of conventional ultrasonic thickness gauges is not possible.

Ultrasonic machine thickness measuring NOVOTEST UT-1M-ST material


The NOVOTEST UT-1M-ST ultrasonic thickness gauge is a special version of the thickness gauge in a metal housing, designed for extreme operating conditions, where there is a possibility of the device being dropped or other damage to the equipment during operation. NOVOTEST UT-1M-ST durable aluminum housing withstands high static and dynamic compressive loads, allowing operators to use the device “carelessly”.

Thickness gauge A-Scan NOVOTEST UT-2A


The thickness gauge A-Scan NOVOTEST UT-2A is an excellent choice for expert ultrasonic inspection in laboratory and field conditions.