Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

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Model: T-UD2
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The NOVOTEST T-UD2 handheld combined hardness tester combines the advantages of two methods: URI (ASTM A1038) and Leeb (ASTM A956), allowing to tackle almost any current hardness testing task. With this versatile durometer, users will be able to measure the hardness of both a large product with a rough surface and a small sample with a complex shape and with a thin wall.


Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2 – The modification has all the functions for working with different materials and scales, making it the ultimate device for testing metal hardness. – provides great test performance.

I. Specification of Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

Calculation of presets for materials and scales:

  • Using the dynamic probe (Leeb), it is possible to measure materials varying from their properties to steel without additional calibration. Because by default, this NOVOTEST T-UD2 ultrasonic and impact type durometer has built-in calibration for different materials for the major hardness scales.

Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

Measure products with superior rough and rough materials:

  • The dynamic measurement method is less demanding on material uniformity and surface roughness, allowing the user to measure the hardness of a wide range of alloys, as well as to test products without the need to prepare the surface of the area. test area.

Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

Measure products with thin thickness:

  • Using the Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) method, the NOVOTEST T-UD2 handheld combined durometer can measure products with a wall thickness of only 1 mm or even thinner when using a UCI probe NOVOTEST.


Measure even small products:

  • The UCI probe allows products from 100g to be measured with no additional work, and even less when using special equipment.


Product measurement with different surface platforms:

  • Due to the small contact measurement area, with the ultrasonic probe (UCI) the user can measure the hardness of the product in the groove, gear teeth and use the special nozzle to be able to accurately measure the hardness of the surface. radius and even stiffness of the wire.

Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2 NOVOTEST T-UD2 NOVOTEST T-UD2

The mark is almost invisible when testing the hardness:

  • The ultrasonic transducer (UCI) has a mark that is almost invisible to the naked eye, in order to minimize the destructive consequences the instrument can be equipped with a special transducer with a reduced force (10N), which makes the measurement unbiased. as destructive as possible.

Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

Shockproof and reliable protection:

  • The durometer has a protective silicone case, which protects against shock and prevents damage to the device after a drop. In addition, the device can withstand extreme operating conditions (temperature range from -20 to +40 C°).

Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

Special software:

  • The NOVOTEST T-UD2 Handheld Combined Hardness Tester has special software to get the data on a PC for further processing.

NOVOTEST T-UD2 software

II. Advantages

  • Two detachable probes: ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) and dynamic, rebound (Leeb)
  • There are almost no restrictions on hardness testing (by weight, configuration, construction, degree of mechanical and heat treatment, etc.)
  • To evaluate the hardness change of the hard layer depth articles and the effect of surface stress
  • Wide range of hardness values
  • Convenient and easy in operation
  • Graphic contrast display with backlight
  • Auto detect probe
  • Extended temperature range (cold-resistant, down to -20°C)
  • The device has internal memory and allows the user to transfer data to a PC.

III. Standard package

Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

  • Hardness tester
  • UCI probe (10N, 50N or 98N for choice)
  • Leeb probe (D type)
  • 2pcs AA batteries
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Operating manual
  • Software for PC
  • Case.

IV. Optional accessories

  • Additional UCI and Leeb probes any type
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • Hardness test blocks
  • Portable grinding machine
  • Case for hardness tester
  • Set of support rings for D, DC type Leeb probes
  • Impact bodies for Leeb probes

***See more of GMGA’s versatile ultrasonic hardness testers at: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/measuring-device/hardness-measuring-equipment/

V. Specifications of Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

UCI probe types

1kgf (10N) 2.2 lbf

5kgf (50N) 11lbf

10kgf (98N) 22lbf

Leeb probe types









Diamond indenter (UCI)

Hardened ball (Leeb)

Hardness scale

UCI probe: HRC, HB, HV

Leeb probe: HRC, HB, HV, HLD

Measurement hardness range:

20 – 70
Rockwell, HRC

90 – 650

Brinell, HB

230 – 940
Vickers, HV

Measuring accuracy


HB: 10HB

HV: 15HV


ASTM A1038



Measuring direction

Any direction 360°

UCI probe – pre-calibrated for steel.

Leeb probe – pre-calibrated for steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron.

Additional custom scales and materials for calibration.

Storage of measurement results

Operating temperature range, ° C

-20 … +40

Power supply

2pcs AA batteries
Dimensions, mm


Weight of electronic unit with battery, no more, kg

Batteries life, not less, h



VI. Video

Probe Calibration:


***More videos on multi-function hardness testers are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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