Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1


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Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1 is a device for detecting defects (thinning, fine holes, cracks, etc.).

I. Specification of NOVOTEST SPARK-1 electrical pulse flaw detector

  • The working principle of this NOVOTEST SPARK-1 vulnerability detector is based on the electronic pulse method.
  • A probe with an electrode connected to one terminal of a voltage source directly sweeps the surface of the object under test along the coating. The second pole of the voltage source from the ground terminal is connected directly to the metal structure. Electronic device that represents the voltage gaps between the electrode and the conductive base.
  • Test methods meet rigorous standards: ASTM G62-07, NACE RP0274-2004, NACE RP0490-2007, NACE SP0188-2006, ASTM D4787-08, ANSI/AWWA C214-07, ANSI/AWWA C213- 07, ISO 2746: 1998 & AS3894 .1-2002.
Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1

NOVOTEST SPARK-1 – Quick test of coating durability:

  • Using the Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1 it is possible to perform rapid non-destructive testing of the integrity of the coatings of vessels (tanks, tanks, etc.), pipelines (internal and external surfaces), vessels and other structures with coating thicknesses up to 12 mm and beyond, with 0.1 mm discontinuity.
Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1

NOVOTEST SPARK-1 -  Suitable for many other types of tests:

  • Depending on the task, the NOVOTEST SPARK-1 electrical pulse flaw detector can be equipped with T-shaped, sickle, brush, ring, spring and other types of electrodes for different inspection objects.

Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1 novotest-spark-1 novotest-spark-1

NOVOTEST SPARK-1 – Automatic sound alert:

  • This defect tester has an audible warning function when a spark fault is detected during control, which allows the user to work with the device safely without regular supervision. through the process, which simplifies the operator's work.
Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1

NOVOTEST SPARK-1 - Ergonomic and durable design:

  • The electronics of the NOVOTEST SPARK-1 paint film tightness tester are made of durable aluminum alloy and dense rubber gaskets, which make the device body resistant to drops and impacts, and protect the side panels..
  • In addition, the device can be used in a temperature range of -40 to + 50 ° .


  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Small size and light
  • High capacity battery, long battery life with enhanced battery
  • Precise digital sensitivity and voltage settings
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Audio defect warning signal
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II. Specifications of coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1

Measurement thickness range of tested coatings, no more

12 mm
Measurement diameter range of the detected defects, not less

0,1 mm^2

Operation speed of electrode, not more

25 cm/s
Output voltage

0 – 40 kV

Output voltage resolution

0.1 kV
Pulse frequency

30 – 35 Hz

Batteries life, up to

15 h
Weight of high-voltage transformer

1,6 kg

Weight of electronic unit

1,1 kg
Operating conditions

 -40 to + 50 °C,Humidity 95%

Total weight with kit and package

4 kg or 8kg (depends on the case)

III. Gói NOVOTEST SPARK-1 tiêu chuẩn

  • Đơn vị điện tử - máy dò khuyết tật NOVOTEST SPARK-1
  • Đầu dò
  • Dây nối đất có kẹp cá sấu
  • Điện cực hình chữ T
  • Bộ sạc
  • Hướng dẫn vận hành
  • Túi vận chuyển.
Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1 ***Video of flaw detectors checking for metal defects is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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